Phila. region gasoline prices up 2 cents per gallon in a week

Posted: July 13, 2007

The pump price of gasoline is on the rise again in the region after declining 16 cents per gallon between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, AAA's Mid-Atlantic office said today.

In the last week, the price rose by 2 cents, to today's average of $2.99 in a five-county area including Philadelphia, AAA said.

"While the current Philadelphia-area average is lower than it was a month ago and a year ago, we are seeing signs of upward pressure on gas prices in the area and around the country," said Ela Voluck, a AAA spokeswoman. "The relief at the pump appears to have been short-lived."

Reasons for the turnaround include a string of refinery problems resulting in temporary losses of hundreds of thousands of barrels a day; continued strong demand for gasoline; and the high price of crude oil - trading above $73 a barrel this morning, AAA said.

Average gas prices, as of today:

Philadelphia area: $2.99

Pennsylvania: $2.96

South Jersey: $2.78

Delaware: $2.90

National: $3.05

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