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Posted: July 22, 2007

After last week's Web Winners about real estate investment trusts, we heard from passionate industry types (who knew?) about additional REIT sites for investors. Here are two of them, plus some more on understanding the subprime-mortgage crisis.

REIT cafe. Under a drawing of a steaming cup of java, this Web site has industry news and a variety of episodic podcasts called REITtalk and REIT Report, where real estate industry experts, such as John Kriz, managing director for real estate finance at Moody's Investors Services, are interviewed, in some cases, at great length. Make that java a double shot.

Also of interest here is a blog, by investor and author Ralph Block, who notes that the trusts have been having a bad-hair year and seeks to explain why the stocks have been like "roadkill on the investment highway."

Discussion board. Sometimes, message subjects - such as "In today's mauling . . .," "Boy, was I wrong!!!" and "Speaking about the bath water . . ." - sum it all up. The Motley Fool investing-advice site has a large collection of discussion boards, and this one is on REITs. From our brief scan of recent contributions, it looks like the forum's regular contributors are fairly tolerant of newbies' questions. Your own results may differ.



Subprime explosion. With Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke warning last week that the subprime-mortgage crisis is not over, we also looked at the Fool site for clues to unravel that complicated story of what went wrong with high-priced and exotic mortgages.


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Meltdown primer. The information Web site Mondaq publishes an assortment of financial, legal, consumer and other articles by consultants and professionals hoping to showcase their expertise. This article steps readers through the complicated world of subprime lending.



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