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Over 3 days, we present this year's crop of Sexy Singles - brainy, brash & fetching

Posted: July 30, 2007

WANT TO GET to know someone new and, more importantly, someone who's also single and available?

It'll be easier than ever this time around because we've expanded this year's bachelor and bachelorette roundup to include not only our usual photo spread but also online video profiles.

That's right. This year, besides having their picture appear in the Daily News, each Sexy Single stars in his or her own personal video. You can watch the behind-the-scenes action as they participate in a glamorous photo shoot in Atlantic City, hear them talk about their lives and special interests, and find out more about the qualities they're looking for in a relationship. Think of it as another way to get up close and personal with a remarkable group of single men and women.

How did we find so many attractive and accomplished singles? Many were nominated by readers. Mothers mailed in photos of their children. Co-workers nominated attractive people in their offices. One wise guy secretly nominated his friend without telling him. (Imagine his surprise when he learned he'd been named a Daily News Sexy Single.) And a lot of people sent their own photos in. We went over every submission, argued over some, put some aside for possible inclusion next year, and wound up with the interesting and diverse group that you'll see in this section over the next couple of days.

Hailing from neighborhoods such as the Northeast, Manayunk and Germantown, this year's Sexy Singles include government workers, an academic and radio and TV personalities. The youngest is 22 and the oldest is a 63-year-old grandmother. Some of this year's singles are in "find-me-a-guy mode" while others are just interested in having a good time and maybe making a friend. Log onto to see which is which. There's no additional charge and it'll be fun.

To see who else made the cut, don't forget to read tomorrow's Daily News as well as the day after. You might recognize a face or two. And if not, we predict you'll enjoy getting to know this fun crowd as much as we did.


Envy Mckee

Nickname: Envy

Age: 34

Job: Radio personality, "On the Real with Envy," a hip-hop-oriented public affairs talk show airing Sundays at 10 a.m. on 100.3 The Beat.

Neighborhood: Bucks County.

Children: A toddler named Aubrei.

Past life: Once was an XFL cheerleader.

What she's looking for in a man: "down-to-earth fabulousness."

If her love life were a reality TV show, it would be called: "Love life? What love life?"

Nominated by: Khaleef Aye, one of her show producers.

How she gives back: "I have three 'little sisters' that I've taken under my wing."

Fetish: Has tons of shoes and purses.

Hobby: Reading; likes Harry Potter books.

Talent: "I play a mean arcade basketball game."

Web site:


Cosimo Costa

Nickname: Coz

Age: 37

Occupation: Medical science liaison.

Neighborhood: Fishtown.

Education: Has a doctorate in pharmaceutical science.

If his love life were a reality TV show, it would be called: "Avalanche."

Why a hottie like him is single: "I think it's just bad luck."

Reluctant sex symbol: A friend nominated him to be a Sexy Single without his knowledge. "I was, like, 'Dude, I got the weirdest call,' and he just started laughing."

When asked if he'd pose topless: "I'm going to get harassed as it is, I'm not taking my shirt off."


Clothing provided by: Shirt, South Moon Under; shorts, The Gap


David J. Dougherty

Nickname: Doc

Age: 45

Occupation: Sheriff's deputy.

What he says about his work: " . . . I work in domestic relations. All day, I try to help people who aren't acting their best. I have a soft spot for the kids caught up in their parents' problems."

Side gig: Professional actor.

Neighborhood: Manayunk.

Children: A 13-year-old also named David.

Annual tradition: Participating in Philly's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What he's looking for: "Two feet and a heartbeat."

If his love life were a reality TV show, it would be called: "Beauty and the Geek."

Special interest: "I like to spend time with my son, exploring our Philly parks, swimming and as an actor. I can sing, dance and act."

Summer plans: "Me and David are shooting our first film together in late July called 'Bar Mitzvah Again.' "

Claim to fame: Being on WPEN Philly sports radio 950 on Friday nights.

Why he wanted to be a Sexy Single: "My hope is to find more work outta this and maybe just maybe find a partner in crime to grow old with!"

Web site:

Clothing by: The Gap.


Rachel Karaskevicus

Age: 30

Job: Commercial credit analyst.

Neighborhood: Center City

Guys who turn her head: "an intellectual with an edge. Having an edge means you don't abide by the rules. I don't like rules. I like a little mischief."

Dream date: "Good conversation, one that I don't want to end."

Passions: "I love animals. I love sports and there's something so sexy and masculine when men talk about names and statistics."

On being a Sexy Single: "I submitted pictures on the very last day not thinking I had a chance. And now, here I am. It's like winning the lottery after buying one ticket."

Pet cause: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Sunny skies: "I am an eternal optimist. I try to keep a very positive outlook on life."

If her love life were a reality TV show, it would be called: "Girls Next Door." "When I can't always count on a guy, I know I can count on my girlfriends."



Linda Leone

Age: 44

Occupation: Budget analyst.

Neighborhood: South Philadelphia.

If her love life were a reality TV show, it would be called: "It's All About Linda."

Hobbies: "I date too much to have hobbies."

What she's looking for: "Somebody that wants to take care of me and put me first. I don't mean money, just emotionally. If my car breaks down on the side of the road, you'd better pick me up and take care of me."

Nominated by: Herself.

Family: No kids, but is a caretaker for both her ailing parents. "It's hard, but it's rewarding. They deserve it because they took care of me."

Dating pet peeves: "When a guy calls me up and can't plan a date. 'What do you want to do? What do you want to do?' Don't make me pick the restaurant. Don't make me tell you how to get there. I have to think at work. I don't want to think when I'm dating."

How to meet guys: "Women always ask me, 'How do you meet men?' I say, 'Walk out of your door.' . . . As long as you look attractive and you're sociable, you always meet people."

Why still single?: "I hear it all the time. I guess I have standards. I don't want to get married just to get married. I want to get married because it's right."

Not waiting to exhale: "I get a lot of lonely men who want to get married because they don't want to date anymore. I used to have a saying, 'Marriage is for people who can't get dates.' . . . They just want to settle just to have a girlfriend or wife."

Claim to fame: "I was the first baby born in South Jersey that year. I was a New Year's baby."



Jamison Uhler

Age: 31

Occupation: Reporter, NBC 10 News.

Sign: Virgo

Where you live: Rittenhouse Square.

Perfect date: An intimate BYOB.

If your dating life was a reality TV show, what would it be called?: "Being 31 and still single, I would call it 'Survivor.' "

What is your claim to fame: "My brain is a vast Rolodex of useless '80s pop knowledge."

Some things people don't know about you: "I have two tattoos."

Fact checker: Googles everything.

Addicted to: "Watching "Lost" and "Grey's Anatomy."

How he relieves stress: Golfing.

Blondes or brunettes? Both.

E-mail: None provided.

Clothing provided by: T-shirt by South Moon Under; linen pants by Distante.


Marc Lamont Hill

Age: 28

Occupation: Professor/TV political analyst.

Children: One.

Neighborhood: Germantown.

Education: Earned his doctorate with distinction from University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

Habla Espanol y mas: Fluent both in Spanish and Arabic.

Claim to fame: Being known as a hip-hop intellectual; also serves as an analyst on Fox News as well as CNN and other news outlets.

Passions: Social activism. Besides serving as a consultant to the American Civil Liberties Union, he's also on the board of directors for, an organization founded following the conviction and imprisonment of Genarlow Wilson. "The girl was 15. He was 17. No one knew that that was a felony in Georgia for two teenagers to have oral sex. . . . We're going to get him home."

Philly dating scene: "It's just tired. You see the same people, the same faces everywhere you go. Everybody's about to become a model."

What he wants in a woman: "They ain't got to have a Ph.D. A lot of women I meet don't have anything except kids. A lot of times, they don't bring a lot to the table. But they have the expectation that you're supposed to be all over them."

Renaissance guy: Enjoys playing the drums and the saxophone.

Home is: A five-bedroom house he bought two years ago. "I bought the crib hoping I wouldn't be in it by myself forever."


Clothing provided by: Jacket by Distante; T-shirt and jeans, South Moon Under.


Eric Friend

Nickname: "E"

Age: 35

Job: Co-owner, Mangia Mangia, West Cape May, N.J.

Side hustle: Food director of Compass Group.

Neighborhood: Cape May.

McDream-guy: "I get the whole I look like Patrick Dempsey thing."

Philly guy: Grew up in South Philly, where his dad owned the old Friend's Tavern before moving to Jersey.

Why he's still single: "Maybe I work too much."

Favorite water ice: Rita's cherry.

Blondes or brunettes: Blondes.

Boxers of briefs: Boxers.


Jeans: Nautica.


Photo credits

Our appreciation goes out to Ocean Yachts and South Jersey Yacht Sales in Cape May for the use of the new 54-foot vessel upon which some of the Sexy Singles were photographed. Called the Super Sport, it has a mezzanine seating level in the cockpit. We'd also like to thank Harrah's Atlantic City for allowing us to use the new indoor pool, which is part of its new 172,000-square-foot retail and entertainment complex that opened in May. And we also appreciate the use of the Finestra restaurant at the Trump Marina Hotel.

Once again, Louis Christian Wayne Robert Spa & Salon provided hair and provided makeup services for all the singles. MB & Associates of Haddonfield gave invaluable coordination assistance and also handled our public relations outreach. Fashion styling was done by celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson. *

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