Sideshow | Mr. Big gets big role in 'Sex,' the film

Posted: August 11, 2007

Looks like the Sex and the City silver-screen adaptation is going to be a Big movie after all.

Director Michael Patrick King says Chris "Mr. Big" Noth will most definitely reprise his role as the love of Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) life.

"I assure you that Mr. Big is a very big part of the Sex and the City movie," King cleverly punned.

The comedy, which costars Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, will begin shooting next month.

A Spicy birth

Baby Baby Spice has arrived!

Spice Girl Emma Bunton gave birth yesterday to a 7-pound, 15-ounce boy at a private London hospital.

Mum Baby Spice and her bf Jade Jones named their first-born Beau. ("French for handsome and he is definitely very handsome," Jones said.)

Mum asked for a Coke and flapjacks after the delivery. Dad said, "We're both over the moon and absolutely thrilled to bits to have our little boy with us now."

Superfit superbabe

Daisy Fuentes, who has been named Fitness mag's first "Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar," says Hispanic women have redefined hotness. Curves used to be a no-no, she said. But no more! (Cf. the mildly curvy Scarlett Johansson.)

Daisy said this is thanks to Jennifer Lopez, who has used her moxie - and her pneuma - to make "a body part that's often considered a flaw into something hot." Said part is, of course, J.Lo's transcendent derrière.

Fantasia: Driven to steal

The recently minted diva Fantasia Barrino tells Oprah she suffered through a harsh, cold existence in her pre-American Idol days as a single mom on welfare.

"I'll be honest: Those checks just weren't enough," Fantasia says in her sit-down, which appears in September's issue of O's O mag, which was excerpted by USA "I had to steal what I needed - diapers, milk, food."

Fantasia, who stars in The Color Purple, the high-profile Broadway play O herself is producing, said fame isn't important: "It's about people being touched."

She said she wants to inspire women who have it rough, as she once did.

Must-see DVDs

The psych-thriller Murderous Intent, coming out Tuesday, stars Toni Colette as a shrink probing the twisted mind of a teen boy obsessed with the Knights Templar - and implicated in three vicious murders.

And monster flick The Host from South Korea out-Jaws Jaws and also weaves in a wicked satire of American military hegemony in East Asia.

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