Best of the rest 67-75

Posted: August 12, 2007

67 -- Richardson, Jess | Defensive Tackle | With Eagles: 1953-61

The last lineman in the NFL to go without a face mask, this East Falls native played in the 1960 championship despite the stunning death of his 7-week-old baby days before the game.

68  -- Nelson, Al | Cornerback, Returner | With Eagles: 1965-73

A starter at cornerback for eight seasons, Nelson returned one missed field goal 101 yards and another 100 yards. He tallied 2,625 career return yards.

69 -- Barnett, Fred | Wide Receiver | With Eagles: 1990-95

Barnett's leaping 35-yard touchdown catch sparked the Eagles' comeback victory in the 1993 NFC wild-card game at New Orleans, the team's first playoff win since 1980.

70 -- O'Brien, Davey | Two-Way Back | With Eagles: 1939-40

 The team's first drawing card, O'Brien played only two seasons before retiring for a career in the FBI. In his last game, he completed 33 of 60 passes, setting team records that stood until 1989.

 71 -- Evans, Byron | Linebacker | With Eagles: 1987-94

The hardest hitting of Buddy Ryan's linebackers, Evans saw his career come to an abrupt end with an injury in 1994, just as he was being recognized as one of the game's best.

72 -- Watters, Ricky | Running back | With Eagles: 1995-97

Watters came to the Eagles after helping the 49ers win Super Bowl XXIX and eclipsed 1,000 yards and 400 receiving yards in his three seasons. His total of 12 100-yard rushing games is fourth best in Eagles history.

73 -- Green, John | Defensive End | With Eagles: 1947-51

This lightweight defensive end was the Eagles' first noted pass-rusher. "It looked like he had some sort of a secret weapon in his hand," teammate Al Wistert once said.

74 -- Mayberry, Jermane | Guard, Tackle | With Eagles: 1996-2004

In 2002, Mayberry became the first full-time Eagles offensive guard voted to the Pro Bowl. He played in 112 games, and left his legacy by helping establish the Eagles Eye Mobile in 1996.

75 -- Byars, Keith | Running Back | With Eagles: 1986-92

A versatile back, the fleet-footed Byars led the team in receptions from 1989 to 1991 and ranks fourth all-time with 371 career catches. In a 1990 game, he lifted the Giants' Pepper Johnson clean off his feet with a midfield block.

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