PSU's very steep seats

Posted: August 15, 2007

THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER football ticket in the region this fall will not involve the Eagles. Instead, it's Notre Dame's trip to Penn State on Sept. 8, which as of yesterday was listed No. 2 on's list of college football's hottest tickets for the 2007 season. The listed average asking price for a ticket is $883. While that figure differs some across the secondary market, the consensus is similar: You're going to be bowled over by the cost of seeing this one live.

"This is a rivalry that just got renewed after many, many years," Sean Pate, a PR director for StubHub, said yesterday, "so when you're talking about an intersectional matchup like that with two of the most storied programs in the country, you're always going to have quite a bit of demand."

Pate noted that the 2006 game under the Golden Dome produced an average cost of $777, "I believe the single most expensive regular-season ticket of any game last year. It was over $800 up until right before game time. It superseded USC-Notre Dame and games of that nature."

Daily News consumer panel member Mike Hart, of Brookhaven, said the summer intern at his firm attends Penn State and mentioned that "students have received offers of up to $1,000 for that game."

An anonymous local ticket broker said he's heard from a Notre Dame alumnus who wanted $400 for a seat at the top of the end zone and that the going rate for sideline spots was $1,200.

Notre Dame Stadium holds 80,225. Beaver

Stadium's capacity these days is 107,282, and those extra seats mean more availability and

lower average prices. StubHub, Pate said, has 1,100 tickets for sale at an average cost of just below $500. The highest price that Pate saw listed was $1,765 for a upper level seat at the 50. "When you see that many seats, the pressure is going to be on the seller to price them accordingly," he said. "As with every event, I expect that some of these prices will come down, but based on what we saw last year . . . I do think we will see prices still well into the triple digits, probably by kickoff $300 to $400 still for this type of game." *

- Paul Vigna

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