Posted: August 16, 2007

A new fudge in town

We're not sure if it's the same fudge from New York Super Fudge Chunk, but the stuff at the new Ben & Jerry's "Peace, Love and Fudge" kiosk at 30th Street Station is pretty decent fudge. Our yardstick is that it can't have that grainy, over-sugary texture. This doesn't: It's creamy. We sampled three of the 11 loaves at the stand (the company's first), and the Butter Pecan and Belgian Chocolate Walnut placed first and second.

Ben & Jerry's cut-to-order fudge, 30th Street Station, $3.50 a quarter-pound.

- Rick Nichols

Self-serving skewers

How's this for a clever creation, long overdue: Grill food on these sharp-tipped, flat (no food rollover) stainless-steel wands, then, in a snap, release the spiral handle to neatly push food from skewer to plate. No more messy fingers or kebab cubes sailing across the table.

Grill Chef Skewer Set, two 18-inch stainless-steel skewers, $20. From Kuhn Rikon Switzerland at

- Marilynn Marter

A faintly familiar taste . . .

Rub your steaks, pork chops, or chicken with this smoky spice blend before grilling for powerful flavor. This new dry rub has it all, with hot chipotle peppers, coarsely ground spices, brown sugar, and . . . coffee? The dark-roasted espresso powder adds great, surprisingly subtle flavor to any piece of meat.

Coffee and Spice Rub, 4 ounces, $9, at Williams-Sonoma stores.

- Maria Yagoda

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