Local ‘GOD’ eggplant not only one on eBay

Posted: August 20, 2007

Some of us wouldn't pay 50 cents for an eggplant.

But right now on eBay the asking price for a single slice is $1,000.

Of course, this isn't any ordinary disc of eggplant.

It's the one that spelled GOD.

A week ago yesterday in Boothwyn, Felicia Teske was in her kitchen, cutting a seemly ordinary pear-shaped purple vegetable, when she noticed that its seeds formed the letters G, O and D.

(They also seemed to form an extra little O, but it's sort of floating above the other O, which might be GOOD - or not. Or maybe it's a halo.)

At first, her husband, Paul, wondered whether they'd seen a sign.

Now, it seems, they're seeing dollar signs.

The eBay listing, under the title, "Holy 'God' Eggplant' - what else? - proclaims its opening bid as $1,000.

Yup, that's 10 raised to the "higher power" of 3.

Beneath is this description:

"My name is Felicia. You may have seen my story on the news. I cut open an eggplant this past weekend and the seeds in one slice spelled out the word "God". The item has been preserved in a food saver plastic bag and is frozen in a safe place.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, and I am surprised at the attention it has gotten. I would like to offer this item to someone who truly has an interest in this unique object. I am very serious about this, so please - serious bidders only.

"Thanks for looking.


You'll find a link to the eBay page under "Related Stories" below the photograph above.

And right under that, you'll find a direct competitor - another eggplant slice that supposedly spells "God."

Or could be "Coo."

This one, apparently from Omaha, Neb., asks whether anyone can see, under the light shining from above, images of baby Jesus and Mary in a couple of seed formations.

As of 10:52 a.m., no one had yet broken the ice and agreed to the starting bid: 1 cent.

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