Fun Facts About Honeybees

Posted: August 24, 2007

Question: How many blossoms must be visited for honeybees to produce 1 pound of honey?

Answer: 2 million.

Q: How many bees are in a typical beehive?

A: In the summer, 40,000 to 60,000.

Q: What distance do honeybees fly from a hive as they gather nectar and pollen?

A: Typically, about two to three miles per flight.

Q: How long do worker bees live?

A: Six weeks in summer, several months in winter.

Q: How much honey would be required to power a honeybee's flight 25,000 miles around the world?

A: 2 tablespoons.

Q: How many miles does a typical honeybee fly in its lifetime?

A: 500.

Q: How many eggs does a queen bee lay per day?

A: About 1,500.

Q: What makes a bee buzz?

A: Her wings flap 190 times per second.

Q: How far do honeybees fly to produce 1 pound of honey?

A: 55,000 miles.

SOURCE: Chester County Beekeepers Association

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