The Fab Five

Posted: September 06, 2007

Pack five types of items in your kids' lunch boxes to keep them happy and healthy, according to Mara Fleishman of Whole Foods Market.

1. A sandwich, or something with protein:

Organic almond butter and mixed-berry fruit spread on raisin bread.

Organic crunchy peanut-butter-and-banana wheels rolled up on lavash (flatbread).

Tuna or egg salad rolled in lavash with lettuce leaves.

Raw veggies tossed with a favorite salad dressing in a pita pocket. Line pocket with lettuce to avoid sogginess.

Leftover slices of chicken, roast beef, turkey or pork, plain or in a pita.

Tuna or tofu salad in a hollowed-out red or yellow pepper.

An apple stuffed or chopped with walnuts, raisins and farmer cheese.

Roast beef or roast turkey slices from the deli wrapped around string cheese, carrots or celery sticks.

Ants on a log: Either cream cheese on a celery stick with raisins or nuts, or peanut or almond butter on celery with raisins.

Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit (berries, pineapple, etc.).

2. Something crunchy



Rice cakes

Tortilla chips


Low-fat potato chips

Wheat crackers


Soy nuts

Pita chips

Rice chips

3. Something sweet

Fruit leathers

Dried fruit

Yogurt-covered raisins


Trail mix with chocolate chips

All-natural animal crackers

All-natural graham crackers or cereal bars

Granola bars

All-natural pudding or gelatin cups

Squeezable yogurt (such as Stonyfield Farm)

Squeezable applesauce (such as Walnut Acres Organic Fruit Squeezies)

4. Fruit or veggie






Baby carrots

Celery sticks

Sliced yellow pepper

Cherry tomatoes

Salsa (great way to eat your veggies!)

Fruit kabobs with pineapple chunks and melon cubes

5. The drink (Freeze it the night before to keep it cold.)

Organic, 100 percent juice boxes

Organic milk boxes

Drinkable yogurt (such as Stonyfield Farm Smoothie)

All-natural juices and smoothies (such as Fresh Samantha)

Spring water

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