Eagles announce 75th anniversary team

Posted: September 08, 2007

The Eagles asked fans to heop select a 75th Anniversary Team. Voting began in April and more than 600,000 votes were cast.

The team released the team last night.

Eleven offense, 11 defense and five special-teams players were selected. Andy Reid was picked as the coach.

The team:

Donovan McNabb, QB, 1999-present

Steve Van Buren, RB, 1944-51

Keith Byars, FB, 1986-92

Harold Carmichael, WR, 1971-83

Tommy McDonald, WR, 1957-63

Pete Pihos, TE, 1947-55

William Thomas, LT, 1998-present

Wade Key, LG, 1970-80

Chuck Bednarik, C, 1949-62

Shawn Andrews, RG, 2004-present

Jon Runyan, RT, 2000-present

Clyde Simmons, DE, 1986-93

Reggie White, DE, 1985-92

Jerome Brown, DT, 1987-91

Charlie Johnson, DT, 1977-81

Chuck Bednarik, MLB, 1949-62

Seth Joyner, OLB, 1986-93

Alex Wojciechowicz, 1946-50

Eric Allen, CB, 1988-94

Troy Vincent, CB, 1996-2003

Andre Waters, SS, 1984-93

Brian Dawkins, FS, 1996-present

Tim Brown, KR, 1960-67

Brian Westbrook, PR, 2002-present

David Akers, PK, 1999-present

Sean Landetta, P, 1999-2002, 2005

Vince Papale, Spec. Teams, 1976-78

Andy Reid, Coach, 1999-present

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