These are tough fans

Posted: September 10, 2007

WE KNOW EAGLES fans take losses about as hard as a death in the family. But don't worry, J.R. Reed, we don't think

they're as bad as Italian soccer fans.

Gianluca Falsini, a defender for the Italian soccer team Catania, filed a complaint with authorities saying he received a death threat on Saturday.

Falsini said two people approached him at his team's training center and said they would whack him if he didn't leave the club.

The reason for the fans' ire might have

happened because a newspaper article suggested Falsini and a former goalie on the team were

involved in a soccer betting ring.

Falsini says he didn't do it, and his lawyers want the paper to run a correction.

Hey, Gianluca, if you can return punts, come

to Philadelphia and escape your problems.

Calling Reno?

Admit it, Eagles fans. You never thought you would be thinking this to yourself, but today,

you are.

C'mon, you know it has crossed your mind

that you want Andy Reid to make the call to Reno Mahe

this week and have him returning/fair catching punts next Monday against the Redskins.

Which is more frustrating

for Eagles fans - that the team went into the opener without an experienced punt returner, and that ultimately lost them the game? Or that the Patriots signed a star receiver in Randy Moss and he

went out and had nine catches for 183 yards and

a touchdown? Wouldn't a star player at that

position for the Eagles be a nice fit?

Ho, hum

Michigan and Notre Dame will meet on

Saturday in Ann Arbor, Mich. Can you imagine

a time when a matchup of these teams had

such low expectations?

One good thing will happen. One of these storied programs will collect its first win of the season. *

- Bob Cooney

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