Comments from some tailgaters

Posted: September 17, 2007

"Anybody who thinks it won't take away from the tailgating experience is just saying that to pacify people like me who are going to be upset.

It's not going to be as fun to tailgate outside so [fans will] go inside, which will increase food and beverage sales, which will make [the Eagles] more money."

- Craig "Quimby" Chenosky

"I think [the Eagles] want to push people into the stadium earlier. They want to push people onto the waiting list for their tailgate package."

- Keith "Mongo" Czaban

"These are blue-collar workers for the most part. Are you going to go out and spend $20 for a case of beer for your friends or $20 for two beers in the stadium? Plus the [beer] lines are going to be ridiculous."

- Mike Young

"Tailgating is the American way. It's fun being around a bunch of happy fans just enjoying themselves. If this policy does go into effect, I am sad to say, my days attending Eagles games are over."

- Craig Thomas

of, who drives to games from Maryland.

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