Dana Pennett O'Neil | Birds' Brown can't be found

Posted: September 17, 2007

THERE IS NO truth to the rumor that the Eagles' new marketing campaign will ask the question: Where in the world is Reggie Brown?

The wide receiver was where he was supposed to be all week, getting dressed in front of his locker, lumbering out to practice. He is not lost or AWOL, at least not Monday through Saturday.

Sundays? That's another story.

Brown last year led the team in touchdown receptions with eight and led all wide receivers with 46 receptions for 816 yards in the regular season. When Donté Stallworth bolted for New England, the logical assumption was that Brown would become receiving weapon numero uno this season.

Instead, Brown had one catch for 14 yards in Game 1, and in limited preseason action caught three passes for 20 yards.

Asked about his statless start, Brown argued there was no use in fretting, that he didn't make the play calls and that the coaches had an offensive agenda (his word) to do what was best for the team. He said he believed he was open at times, but then again, he said, receivers always believe they are open.

But pressed if he was frustrated, the usually placid Brown turned prickly.

"Frustrated? No. Frustration is not a word we use around here, as a team," Brown said. "We stay within ourselves and we do what's best for the team, wherever we're needed. If I'm not getting the ball, then I'm blocking my [butt] off."

And then Brown stomped off to the nether reaches of the locker room where reporters cannot trod, leaving the impression that he was . . . frustrated.

Brown this season has fewer catches than an injured L.J. Smith, who on the same day that Brown said he wasn't frustrated, said that he was.

"Some of that is me," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said of Brown's lack of production. "We certainly had plays called where he was the primary receiver, but they took that away and we went in another direction. There are going to be games when one guy catches a lot of balls and the next, it flips. We understand that."

Maybe Mornhinweg understands it.

Crummy spies

Before Cleveland's 51-45 win over Cincinnati yesterday, we were wondering: Did Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis had to turn over all videotaping equipment

Before Cleveland's 51-45 win over Cincinnati yesterday, we were wondering: Did Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis had to turn over all videotaping equipment

before leaving New England?

Whatever the two learned at the knee of their mentor, Bill

Belichick, clearly how to cheat isn't one of them.

Crennel's Cleveland Browns were in such an offensive disarray they became the first team to trade their Week 1 starting quarterback before Week 2. Charlie Frye won the job, lost the job and was sent to Seattle in a head-spinning handful of days.

Against Pittsburgh, Cleveland put together 221 yards in total

offense, 46 yards on the ground and seven points.

Perhaps someone forgot to hit the record button in the attempt to steal defensive signals?

Not to be outdone by his fellow former Patriots coordinator, Weis' offensive genius has dispatched a quarterback, too.

Demetrius Jones, Notre Dame's Week 1 starter, didn't get on the bus to Michigan for Game 3 and reportedly now is enrolled at Northern Illinois. The Irish have not scored an offensive touchdown in 14 quarters, going back to last season, and are 0-for-the-2007 season.

After getting thrashed in the Irrelevant Bowl by Michigan, 38-0, Weis bellowed that his team was going back to the beginning, back to training camp.

He, in the meantime, was zipping off to Best Buy.


Asked if Brian Westbrook's

Asked if Brian Westbrook's

minor case of the dropsies was to be expected considering the workload the Eagles' running back totes all week, offensive

coordinator Marty Mornhinweg didn't bite. "No," he said pointedly. "I expect Brian to catch every football." *

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