MarketBasket | Duck and cover!

Posted: September 20, 2007

This summer's anti-foie gras protests knocked the fatted duck liver off a few menus, Ansill's in particular in Queen Village. But Fairmount's London Grill (which never sold much of the stuff) is still peeved at the bullying it endured from protesters who got unnervingly personal. Defiant souvenir T-shirts have appeared at the bar, urging long life for the liver. (The message on the back is a bit more blunt.)

Foie-gras T-shirt, $25, at London Grill.

- Rick Nichols

Sleek sips

With so much publicity about plastic water bottles clogging the landfills, there's a lot more interest in the reusable ones.

Switzerland's Sigg offers some zippy designs for its leak-proof, unbreakable aluminum bottles. And a promise that the container will not absorb the flavor of whatever is in it, so refills will never taste funky.

Sigg water bottle, $19.99 for .75-liter size, at Whole Foods, Wegman's and L.L. Bean in Marlton.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Biscuits and wisdom with your tea

These subtle, not-too-sweet cookies - which are wrapped in ancient proverbs - have been created especially to pair with a nice cup of afternoon tea. My favorite provides a little kick from the bits of crystallized ginger that are baked with fragrant lemongrass into a cookie that is perfect with a cup of Darjeeling.

Amai Tea Sweets, $2.95 for a three-cookie snack, at Premium Steap, 111 S. 18th St. 215-568-2920.- M.F.

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