Rollins' HR grand news for fan

Posted: September 22, 2007

The way the Phillies have played lately certainly has made baseball fans in this area happy.

Addie Waller, of Wayne, is among those fans excited to see the team make a push to the playoffs.

But Addie, 70, might be a little happier today than most Phillies faithful, and she deserves it.

Addie won $1,000 in the Daily News Home Run Payoff contest last night when Jimmy Rollins belted his 29th of the season in the fifth inning.

"Oh, I'm so happy about that," Addie said when told of her winnings. "I've been sick, and things haven't been going very well, so this is very nice."

And so was Addie, which made our message to her even sweeter.

Five other contestants won a Phillies gift pack in the inning. They were:

William Grayson, Philadelphia

Maria DePiso, Philadelphia

Chris Scavello, Devon

William Young, Chester

Ron Barosso, Havertown

The Daily News pays $1,000 for a home run hit in the Payoff inning and $10,000 for a grand slam. Contestants whose batters fail to hit a home run receive a gift pack, which includes a variety of Phillies-related items.

This season, the Daily News has paid out $25,000.

You can hear the Home Run Payoff inning during each Phillies broadcast on WPHT (1210-AM). *

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