Man admits running down 2 teens Forrest E. Brown, 35, of Willow Grove, turned himself in. The victims are recovering from serious injuries.

Posted: October 16, 2007

They were teens hanging out near the grounds of a neighborhood school, friends enjoying a pleasant October night.

As 9 p.m. approached, only two in the group remained; a girl perched on the curb of Forsythia Drive South in Levittown, and a boy astride his bike. Both were 14.

Suddenly, a speeding car skidded out of control toward them. It struck the teens, hopped the curb, and continued across the lawn of a corner lot, pausing only briefly before driving away.

Early yesterday, a Willow Grove man turned himself in to police as the driver in the Sunday-night hit-and-run accident in lower Bucks County.

Forrest E. Brown, 35, was charged yesterday afternoon with an array of crimes stemming from the accident.

The teens were expected to recover from serious injuries they suffered when Brown's 1997 Volkswagen Jetta struck them.

Police said both teens were listed in serious but stable condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Sgt. Mark Wert, a Middletown police spokesman, said both had suffered broken bones and other injuries.

A hospital spokeswoman said she could not confirm the youths' conditions because their parents had not given consent to release any information.

Classmates and neighbors identified the teens as ninth-graders at Carl Sandburg Middle School in Levittown. The Inquirer is withholding their names, absent official identification.

Parents who gathered near the accident scene yesterday described Forsythia Drive as a common cut-through between busy Trenton and Oxford Valley Roads.

"There are kids out here all the time," said Robin Appleton, a neighbor who had seen a group of teens near Samuel Everett Elementary School about 30 minutes before the accident. "And cars just fly past here. The township should consider putting in some speed bumps."

On Sunday, Brown had watched the Eagles game at a bar in nearby Southampton before setting out for a friend's house in Levittown, a police affidavit said.

Brown told police he was driving at high speed and had just passed a slower car on Forsythia Drive when he lost control of his car. He recalled seeing a boy gripping the handlebars of a bicycle before hearing and feeling an impact.

The Jetta hopped the curb and continued across a lawn. Brown said he turned around to see a bicycle lying in the street, panicked, and fled to his friend's house.

He turned himself in at the Abington Police Department at 5:30 a.m. yesterday. Middletown police found no evidence that drugs or alcohol figured in the crash.

Court records show that Brown has been cited at least three times in recent years for disregarding traffic-control devices.

Brown was charged with causing an accident involving death or personal injury, a felony; as well as with simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and several lesser driving offenses. He was held at the Bucks County Prison last night after failing to post 10 percent of his $75,000 bail.

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