Hillary op-ed lost them

Posted: April 16, 2008

RE THE op-ed "How Hillary lost my vote":

Ms. Spector made a major misstep in suggesting that Sen. Clinton essentially be let off the hook for her Iraq war vote, while Sen. McCain should be held accountable for having "cuddled" up to the Bush administration.

The quotes: "If you had voted against it, would you have been able to have a seat at the table with the big boys or been derided as a weak sister who didn't have enough patriotism to put country ahead of politics?" and "But, perhaps even more than that, I don't want John McCain. Don't get me wrong, I wish he (or anyone) had beaten Bush in 2000. But after eight years of ineptitude, lack of moral rectitude and incompetence, I can't think of any reason that a Republican who has cuddled often enough with the Bush administration should be allowed to continue its missteps."

I'm certainly not in the inner circle of Sens. Clinton or McCain, and therefore do not know why they'd have voted in a specific way or how they chose to play a game where winning is often determined by who your allies are. I don't know Ms. Spector's political views, other than she'll be voting for Sen. Obama. But she's criticizing Sen. McCain for perhaps doing the very thing she is being lenient about with Sen. Clinton.

Matthew Whisler, Bear, Del.

If Ann Spector has admired Hillary in such a profound way, how can she dismiss her because she claims she misspoke about Bosnia? Even if Ms. Spector believes it's a lie, how can she then throw her support behind Obama?

If Ms. Spector can give Obama the benefit of doubt as to his truthfulness when he claimed he never heard the hateful, racist, anti-American comments made by his close friend, mentor, inspiration, spiritual adviser and pastor of 20 years, then why can't she be so objective when it comes to Hillary?

Rhonda Becker


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