Obama jujitsus John McCain

Posted: August 02, 2008

AFTER WHAT seemed like endless weeks of John McCain's whining about Barack Obama's alleged lack of experience in international affairs and complaining that he had not been back to Iraq for a long time, Sen. Obama decided to call his bluff and make the trip.

But it would appear that McCain got more than what he bargained for.

Obama, all three major networks in tow, met with the prime minister of Afghanistan, then played basketball with U.S. troops. Afterward, he not only met with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki at his residence, but Obama also got his blessing for his troop-withdrawal program!

Then off to Jordan and Israel, looking quite presidential. But the clincher showed that Obama knows how to beat McCain at his own game.

Recent polls have suggested that Obama is much more popular with our European allies than is McCain, so he extended his trip to England, France and Germany, giving a Kennedyesque speech in Berlin.

Now picture this scene on every evening news, along with literally thousands of well-wishers wildly cheering Obama on, well as you might imagine, McCain is beside himself.

He had to run silly commercials claiming Obama is responsible for the price of gas, and went so far as to threaten to make a major announcement on the day Obama made his Berlin appearance. Then McCain complained that the monster he created, aided by Obama's smarts, is treating him unfairly and ignoring him.

Marc Golde, Merion Station

Missing black music

At first, I thought it was just a case of my favorite artist being overlooked.

Then it happened again and again. Every week I looked for highly anticipated new releases from top R&B and hip-hop artists only to find nothing! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed it.

After all, this is the No. 1-selling genre in a sagging industry! Is this racist?

Michael A. Grant Jr., Philadelphia

Make that P2P

In a recent paper, under the At a Glance section, it said, "and a small amount of PCP, used in the manufacture of speed . . ."

Actually, it's P2P that's used in making speed. PCP is usually smoked (besides other ingestion methods) and is known as "angel dust" or "wet."

Bill Paci, Philadelphia

Bad broadcast chemistry

Re the Phillies obvious future plans to replace Harry Kallas with Tom McCarthy:

Almost as bad as replacing Rich Ashburn with Chris Wheeler.

The tandem of McCarthy-Wheeler (Heckle and Jeckle) is both terrible and intolerable, an assault on the eardrums, and every baseball fan in this town knows it. The best broadcast team they've got, Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson, are on the

radio, with a 12-second delay to boot.

Go figure.

John O'Mara, Philadelphia

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