Stu Bykofsky: It's the Series, Philly - Are you red-dy?

Posted: October 21, 2008

FORTUNATELY, we already bleed Phillies red.

What else can we do to show the world Phillies pride?

A Phillies cap on Billy Penn has been ruled out.

How about a hoodie?

Tomorrow's all-important Game 1 (all Series games are all-important to one team or the other) is played in Florida, God's waiting room. But in today's wired world, anything that happens anywhere is just a YouTube click away from being seen from here to Alpha Centauri.

Tomorrow, wear red.


It doesn't have to have a Phillies logo.

Just wear red - a shirt, a skirt, a tie, a hat, a scarf, socks, leg warmers. Every single Philadelphian and quasi-Philadelphians in the suburbs - wear red tomorrow, and on every game day.

You're so much of a Blue Stater you own nothing red?

Buy something red.

Spur the Phillies - and the economy - simultaneously!

Every building in the city and the burbs, turn on the red lights at night. City Hall. Liberty Place. Boathouse Row. Every condo and office tower. Go red.

Fountains must flow red. If I were Moses, I would make the Schuylkill run red. Anybody have a (nontoxic) idea about that?

Fly a Phillies pennant from your car window. Tie a scarlet ribbon or, better yet, a red balloon to your antenna. Picture a red sea of balloons everywhere.

Images of a crimson city will go viral and provide proof that while we are (sometimes) the rowdiest sports fans in America, we are also the best.

Parents, let kids stay up to watch the Phillies in the Series. It will be a first for them and they might be middle-aged before it happens again. (Sorry. The truth hurts.)

Families should sit around the TV in Phillies gear. Invent new Phillies cheers and chants.

Before the game, have red food for dinner:

Spaghetti, tomato pie, anything drowned in marinara sauce, roasted red peppers, red beans and rice. Red wine for the adults, Fruit Punch Gatorade for the kids. (Hint to parents: Food dye can turn anything red.) Dessert? Cherry Jell-O, cherry pie, or Rita's cherry wooder ice. For a nosh during the game, red hots, red licorice, Swedish Fish.

The Series provides great bonding moments.

Teach that the race is not always to the swift. It's how you play the game. Give your all. Our never-say-die, cheerful, modest, multiracial Phillies are wonderful role models, people to emulate on and off the field. (I've a man crush on these guys.)

With the Fightin's knocking on heaven's door, civic camaraderie is thick as a soft pretzel, bringing out the beauty in our beast. People smile at strangers on the street and flip each other the "thumbs-up" instead of the bird.

We are embracing our inner brotherly and sisterly love.

We've gotten to the Series for the first time in 15 years. Our Phils can end the 25-year (major-sport) championship drought.

They're doing their best for us.

Let it all hang out for them.

Get red-dy.

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