Bad sign right from the start

Posted: October 22, 2008

1994: Despite their reputation as fun-loving beer-guzzlers, the 1994 Phillies were an irksome lot. And without pennant-contention to ameliorate their grumpiness as it had the previous season, they could be downright unpleasant. Those Phillies didn't like the new blue hats management wanted them to wear in home day games. Several daytime losses early that season didn't help. The discontent over the blue caps became so intense that, during an April appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Lenny Dykstra shredded one as a symbol of the team's discontent. Finally, the issue came, you should pardon the expression, to a head. A pregame summit between team leader Darren Daulton and GM Lee Thomas was held. An agreement was reached. The Phils would wear them in home day games during the week but not on Sundays. It should have been clear that when a team is squabbling over its head wear, it's probably not going to win a pennant. The Phils finished fourth in the strike-shortened season.

2008: The Phils wear different caps for interleague games and different uniforms for home day games but why would anyone want to resurrect what the Phillies wore in the 1940s?

Frank Fitzpatrick was the Phillies beat writer for The Inquirer in 1994.

Remembering 1994

Average price of gallon of gas: $1.18.

Phillies' record: 54-61, fourth place (strike-shortened).

Phillies' attendance: 2,290,971.

Phillies' first-round pick: Carlton Loewer, RHP.

Remember this? At the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Tonya Harding's goons whack rival Nancy Kerrigan in the knee. (Harding was immediately eliminated from consideration for Miss Congeniality.)

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