Still a snarling bunch, but soon to be defanged

Posted: October 22, 2008


1995: The Phillies from 1992 to 1995 were a collection of muscle-bound players who, when healthy and playing for something, could be a physically intimidating bunch. The cast of 1993's Macho Row - Darren Daulton, Dave Hollins, Pete Incaviglia, Lenny Dykstra - was starting to change in 1995, but the team's demeanor remained somewhere between cocky and nasty. Dykstra once said the team's physical presence alone was enough to beat some pitchers or some teams. "They look at us, and they say, 'This is a bunch we don't want to mess with,' " Dykstra said. But Dykstra and Daulton were hurt for much of the strike-delayed season, and the team sank like a stone. When it finally became clear that the magic of 1993 was not going to be rebottled, the team was disassembled quickly.

2008: Intimidation is not a part of their game. Their biggest bodies, Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell, sit beneath mild-mannered heads. Hitters seldom charge the mound or snarl at opponents. Their pitchers, except for Brett Myers, seldom move batters off the plate. Chase Utley was hit an astounding 27 times, yet there were few retaliations.

Frank Fitzpatrick was the Phillies beat writer for The Inquirer in 1995.

Remembering 1995

Average price of a gallon of gas: $1.16.

Phillies' record: 69-75, tied for second place.

Phillies' attendance: 2,043,598.

Phillies' first-round pick: Reggie Taylor, OF.

Remember this? The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia died.

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