Is 'Ugly' source offering naked truth about Lohan?

Posted: October 24, 2008

"UGLY BETTY" has cut Lindsay Lohan from six episodes to four.

Reason A: Star America Ferrera didn't like Lohan and got her booted.

Reason B: Lindsay was a diva who did not get along with Ferrera.

(Catch that, Michele Bachmann: Lindsay Lohan doesn't love America.)

"It was a mess," an anonymous production insider told the New York Post's Page Six. "Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people."

The source also claims that Lohan refused to be on set before Ferrera and during rehearsal for a scene in which her character

was de-pantsed by Betty, and that Lindsay was found to be wearing nothing under her pants.

A Lindsay supporter told Page Six that version of the story was "bull----!"

In this anonymous person's retelling, Lindsay was wearing a G-string in the rehearsal and was surprised that Ferrera had de-pantsed her. "Lindsay was so embarrassed, she started crying," said the friend.

(Yeah, like there's a person in the business who hasn't seen Lindsay's naughty bits.)

The Lohan-ite also said the "entourage" consisted of Lindsay's "sober companion" - girlfriend Samantha Ronson - and a publicist.

Plus, she didn't trash the dressing room. That could have been the cast members of "Fringe," with whom she shared the space.

E! is reporting that Lindsay's shortened arc is due to creative differences.

Shoah and tell

Kirk Douglas, 91, was honored Wednesday in L.A. by Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Steven Spielberg at the Shoah Foundation's Ambassadors for Humanity benefit dinner.

"Kirk Douglas, in a way, has saved many lives - not just through his art, but through his humanitarian contributions to the planet," Spielberg said. "We're here to show how closely attuned Kirk Douglas is as a representative of our work and our vision at the Shoah Foundation."

Crystal called Douglas "an inspiration" and said, "This is the greatest head of hair I've ever seen on a Jew in my life."

Spielberg established the Shoah Foundation in 1994 to collect and preserve stories from Holocaust survivors. Its archive now includes more than 50,000 video testimonies from survivors and witnesses from 56 countries. The organization recently joined forces with an African group to record and preserve testimonies from survivors of the genocide in Rwanda.

Two years ago, the Shoah Foundation became part of the University of Southern California, which is making its video archives and accompanying curricula available to scholars around the world.


* Director David Cronenberg

("The Fly," "A History of Violence") is writing a novel.

Attending the Rome Film Festival, Cronenberg said yesterday he has so far written 60 pages but already has publishers the world over interested.

"It's at a very delicate phase right now, so I can't really talk about it," he said. "It's not like Stephen King. I don't know what it's like, but you wouldn't call it a horror or science fiction novel at all. But what it is exactly, well, I don't know yet."

* New York's top court has up-

held the eviction of Bianca Jagger from a rent-stabilized Manhattan apartment.

The Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that foreigners on tourist visas cannot claim New York digs as a "primary residence."

Bianca has lived in the apartment for 20 years, so that's some tour she's on. She's also a native of Nicaragua and keeps an apartment in London.

As an example of how crazy rents are on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Bianca's rent-stabilized apartment was still going for more than $4,500 per month.

* A promise is a promise.

With Guns N' Roses' long-delayed "Chinese Democracy" set to hit stores Nov. 23, reports that Dr. Pepper will make good on its offer to give a can of soda to every person in America.

"We never thought this day would come," says Dr Pepper's VP of marketing, Tony Jacobs. "But now that it's here, all we can say is: The Dr. Pepper's on us."

Fans may visit on Nov. 23. Register online to receive a 24-hour coupon for a 20-oz. Dr. Pepper.

* The Belgian culinary show

"Plat Prefere" ("Favorite Dish") has come under fire from Jewish, resistance and political-prisoner organizations due to an episode in which chef Jeroen Meus prepares trout with butter sauce.

It was Adolf Hitler's favorite.

Nothing makes genocide go down easier than a moist, buttery trout.

We're sure "Dish" is fine TV, Jeroen (and as Comcast keeps raising rates we expect to soon get Belgian television), but should anyone really care what Hitler liked to eat?

We know what Jeffrey Dahmer liked to eat, but we don't need a show about it. *


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