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The Ryan twins, Cole (left) and Chase were born Monday and named after you-know-who by their Phillies-phan parents, Chris and Renee Ryan, of Horsham.
The Ryan twins, Cole (left) and Chase were born Monday and named after you-know-who by their Phillies-phan parents, Chris and Renee Ryan, of Horsham.
Posted: October 29, 2008

After phrustrated Phils phans phumed about Commish Bud Selig's phoul-weather phiasco, a phlock of phellow-phanatics phlooded Phillies@phillynews.com with a phresh phorecast for the Phils phuture:

Tiny Cole & Tiny Chase: When twin sons were born to Renee and Chris Ryan at Abington Memorial Hospital on Monday, the longtime season-ticket holders from Horsham named them Cole and Chase after Hamels and Utley.

"Got them signed up for T-ball already," the proud papa said yesterday. "Their last name is Ryan, so we have the Phillies infield well represented."

Ryan had tickets to see Saturday's Game 3 with his 9-year-old son, Chandler, but Renee felt she might go into labor that night. Chandler begged her not to. He sweated out the long rain delay more than most fans.

The twins cooperated by making their World Series debut 32 hours later.

Curse of Chip's T-shirt: Chip Schulz, a die-hard from Mayfair, says that he's got to be careful not to jinx the Phils' championship dream.

"I cannot watch the games over at my older sister's house," he said, "because they always lose when I do, and the rest of my family blames me. The one time I wore my Phils gear, they lost, so that is another thing I can't do.

"They've won this month when I got together at my brother-in-law's house with certain family members but without my Phils T- shirt. We've stayed awake by eating a ton of chocolate that is supposed to be for Halloween.

"My mother has to wear her lucky Pat Burrell shirt that is too small and it chokes her. I hope they win, so that I can buy her a new shirt. LET'S GO PHILS!"

Big Man's Little Man: James DeBord, of Lancaster, says that his son Andrew, 10, has been the world's greatest Ryan Howard fan since first laying eyes on "the new guy at first base" for the Reading Phils five years ago.

Since then, DeBord says, there has been "an unbelievable string of occurrences between the two," highlighted by the 2006 Phillies Winter Caravan dinner in Wyomissing, where Andrew asked the National League Rookie of the Year, "How many home runs do you think you'll hit this season?"

Seeing how young Andrew was, DeBord says, Howard playfully asked him, "How many home runs do you think I should hit?" Andrew replied, "Go for the record."

Howard pulled Andrew up on stage and told the crowd, "That's my man, right there!"

Then Howard signed a cracked bat that Andrew had treasured since the summer of 2005, when he attended a Reading game, saw Howard hit two huge homers and was handed the cracked bat, believed to be Howard's, by the team's equipment man.

Andrew saw Howard's first multi-homer major league game (two versus the Marlins on April 23, 2006), and witnessed Howard breaking Mike Schmidt's franchise home-run record - as Andrew had urged him to do - in Washington, D.C.

Sunday night, Andrew watched Howard hit two World Series Game 4 homers at the Bank.

Yo, Ryan! Somebody should pay Andrew to attend Game 5! The kid's a lucky charm.

Phils on Tap: Joe Sixpack, Daily News beer reporter, says that Standard Tap, the Northern Liberties pub that famously refuses to put a TV behind the bar, succumbed to pressure on Monday.

Co-owner William Reed said that someone plopped a small TV atop the bar fridge and tuned in to the Phils game, delighting beer and baseball phanatics. *

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