McNabb learns fate from assistant

Posted: November 24, 2008

BALTIMORE - Call it the football version of a "Dear John" letter.

This one may have officially ended a 10-year marriage.

Eagles coach Andy Reid benched Donovan McNabb for the second half of yesterday's 36-7 loss without speaking to him, or seeking him out.

"I heard from Pat Shurmur our quarterback coach that was the decision just made," said McNabb, who said his first reaction was, "Wow."

"But you know, you go along with it . . . "

McNabb seemed to downplay the way it came down, speculating that it was made after a long discussion and just before the teams went back on the field for the second half.

Said McNabb, "Better I guess to find out in the locker room than to find out after going on the field and they grab you and tell you someone else is going in."

McNabb said he accepted the decision and worked on the sidelines to "motivate the guys to rally behind Kevin and help us win this game." But he spent a significant part of the second half standing next to A.J. Feeley.

Reid did not seem to think he handled it badly. The two met privately shortly after the game. *

- Sam Donnellon

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