Pop Quiz Eagles, passed and present

Posted: January 11, 2009

1. The Philadelphia team that replaced the Frankford Yellow Jackets was christened "Eagles" in honor of what?

a. The bald eagle, America's national emblem.

b. The blue eagle logo of the New Deal's National Recovery Act.

c. The Anheuser-Busch beer eagle logo.

d. The Fraternal Order of Eagles.

2. The Eagles' first Sunday game, against the Chicago Bears on Nov. 12, 1933, was played where?

a. Baker Bowl.

b. Shibe Park.

c. Franklin Field.

d. Municipal Stadium.

3. The Eagles were featured in the first televised professional football game. What year was it played and who was the opponent?

a. 1961, Dallas Cowboys.

b. 1955, New York Giants.

c. 1948, Washington Redskins.

d. 1939, Brooklyn Dodgers.

4. True or False: Famed Pittsburgh Steeler owner Art Rooney once owned a half interest in the Eagles.

5. The Eagles' all-time leading passer is?

a. Norm Snead.

b. Randall Cunningham.

c. Ron Jaworski.

d. Donovan McNabb.

6. Who holds the record for most games at quarterback for the Eagles?

a. Ron Jaworski.

b. Donovan McNabb.

c. Randall Cunningham.

d. Norm Snead.

7. Who holds the record for most games played as an Eagle?

a. David Akers.

b. Harold


c. Brian Dawkins.

d. Terrell Owens.

8. The Eagles' all-time leading rusher is?

a. Brian Westbrook.

b. Duce Staley.

c. Wilbert Montgomery.

d. Steve Van Buren.

9. The Eagles' all-time leading receiver?

a. Brian Westbrook.

b. Harold Carmichael.

c. Pete Retzlaff.

d. Tommy McDonald.

10. The Eagles' all-time leading scorer is?

a. Harold Carmichael.

b. Brian Westbrook.

c. Bobby Walston.

d. David Akers.

11. The 2006 movie about bartender-turned-Eagle Vince Papale was called?

a. Unbelievable.

b. Unforgettable.

c. Inconceivable.

d. Invincible.

Answers: C3.

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