On McNabb and Brown

Posted: April 22, 2009

There's a name that surprisingly did not come up much [Monday], if at all. The Eagles just flatly denied both a contract renegotiation and a trade for a player, citing "league MVPs, Super Bowl champion quarterbacks, and perennial Pro Bowlers" who failed in their efforts to force an organization's hand because "their teams have required them to wait until their contract expired or there was only one year remaining."

How quickly we all forget the quarterback of this team seeks a contract extension as well.

Timeline: with two years remaining on a deal originally signed in '02, McNabb went public with his desire for a new contract sometime after his mid-season benching. During the off-season, sources then revealed he didn't intend to agree to terms unless he was happy with the personnel, going so far as to suggest he might also request a trade.

Well, Donovan: where do you stand now?

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On Sheldon Brown's side

I am a big fan of Sheldon Brown, and I think he has been a very good player for the Eagles since he was drafted in 2002.

Brown has never been a corner that is going to get a lot of interceptions, with only 14 in 7 NFL seasons. What Brown has been is a good cover corner, as well as a sure tackler and strong blitzing cornerback. He has also been reliable for the Eagles, having never missed a game in the NFL.

Brown has become a leader for the Eagles over the past couple of seasons and would figure to be the main leader of the defense now that Brian Dawkins is gone. He has always been an honest, stand-up guy.

I have to say that I don't blame Brown for wanting more money, but I am disappointed. [Monday's] events were obviously a calculated move by Brown, and one that I am surprised he made.

I just don't see how he thought this would work. It hasn't worked for any Eagles other than maybe Brian Westbrook, but Westbrook didn't demand a trade.

Has Brown outplayed his contract? Yeah, he probably has, but no one forced Brown to sign an extension thru 2012. I don't blame Brown for wanting to be paid what the market dictates, as any one of us would want the same thing.

I guess we all wish that every once in awhile a professional athlete will realize that they make way too much money anyway and as long as they are smart can take advantage of their status long after their playing careers are over.

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