A knee-jerk defense of prez

Posted: April 23, 2009

YOU CAN set your watch by it. As soon as it becomes evident that President Obama is moving so fast to the left that he's tripping over Karl Marx, here come the paid apologists for the Democratic Party.

You can see the desperation of Karl Frisch's argument (op-ed, "The Attack of the 'Isms,' " April 15) right off the bat when he has to reach for Michael Savage to attempt a pathetic justification of his shopworn argument.

Savage is the right's answer to Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz, a fringe character with little or no morals who blurts out whatever is rattling around his head and is marginalized because his opinions carry little or no intellectual heft because they are paired with his bizarre behavior.

Maybe Mr. Frisch is so enamored of being a "senior fellow" at Media Matters for America that he's content to keep fronting an organization that's been repeatedly called to the carpet for dishonest and factually untrue reporting on conservative matters.

Mr. Frisch is making a living carrying the water for an inexperienced, easily swayed, indecisive man who only could come to power by kowtowing to Europeans, fellow travelers on the left and others in the "blame-America" crowd.

Then this pathetic Democratic apologist trots out one of the lamest and most inane sentences ever written in the Daily News. He has the audacity to claim that those on the right who dare to speak up in opposition to the Messiah are engaged in "McCarthyism." And he backs up that ludicrous claim with ZERO facts.

I assume Mr. Frisch was on the front lines for the past eight years when President Bush was called every name in the book by the left and never uttered a peep.

I'm sure a quick review of the literary stylings of Mr. Frisch would reveal a pathetic man striving for some scrap of notoriety with empty ravings and warmed-over racism, while shutting out any sense of reality.

John King, Bensalem

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