The creator & science

Posted: August 03, 2009

THE BELIEF that a Creator made the universe and now governs it by his providential control should be rationally deduced from what our senses tell us.

The steam engine, the telegraph and the telephone, pasteurized milk, the airplane, and even peanut butter were invented by those who believed in God as creator, not to mention the cosmology of such intellectual giants as Newton and Galileo, whose work certainly influenced Einstein and other physicists.

Isaac Newton wrote as much about interpreting the Bible as he wrote about physics. Even Charles Darwin began as a Bible-centered guy, although he became embittered.

The permissive attitude toward sexuality and the fascination with eastern mysticism that has influenced our culture since the 1960s have had more to do with the decline of interest in pure science than the policies of President Bush or any "fundamentalists."

Would Einstein have made his calculations if he'd been bombarded daily with sexually explicit advertising, if he were frequently using marijuana, or if he'd attended a typical American public school?

Thomas Muldoon, Philadelphia

Persistence of hate

Enough is enough.

Please stop printing ridiculous letters containing adolescent thoughts that give racist bottom-feeders their 15 minutes of fame.

Honestly, how long has there been racial tension? Regardless of what's been done, there will always be those whose sole purpose in life is to hate and ridicule all who are different. Hate is taught - you have to function in a hateful environment and have your strings pulled by uneducated peers who also hate. It's contagious and addictive.

After all these years, it still survives. Reminds me of Adolf what's-his-name, the poster boy for hate and persecution.

Terry Saskin


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