Jones' nifty end-zone pick a highlight at Eagles camp

Posted: August 07, 2009

BETHLEHEM - A compilation of hits and a few misses from yesterday's morning session. The afternoon session was for special teams.

* Play of the day had to be safety Sean Jones' end-zone pick. One play after breaking up a 2-minute-drill goal-line pass from Donovan McNabb to Kevin Curtis, Jones was covering Jason Avant. McNabb - who looks very sharp - threaded the ball through bodies to Avant, who seemed to juggle it briefly. Jones took it off Avant's pads for a drive-killing end-zone interception.

"It was a good play. He did like a little slant on me," Jones said. "The ball was kind of in there first, but I kind of knocked it out, when I was up in the air there. We needed it. That was a big play for us, ending the 2-minute drill."

Jones said the defenders checked out of a blitz that would have left Avant uncovered. "I came out of [the blitz] because of the personnel that were in," he said.

* Earlier, the offense won a ball that could have gone to the defense - in seven-on-seven, Joe Mays had a McNabb pass on his fingertips, but Avant snatched it and took off.

* Another fight yesterday, defensive tackle Willie Williams vs. offensive lineman Mike Gibson. Not surprisingly, the prime antagonists always seem to be guys scrapping for roster spots.

* Mays chased down and smothered LeSean McCoy on a dumpoff, then a screen, one to each side of the field, on back-to-back plays.

* With his fellow defenders yelling "Watch that screen!" Darren Howard snuffed a screen to Lorenzo Booker, catching Booker from behind just after he caught the ball.

* Kevin Kolb hung up a bomb to Jeremy Maclin, allowing Quintin Demps to get under it, outjump Maclin and knock the ball away.

- Les Bowen

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