Fake guitar and field goal attempts at Eagles camp

Posted: August 12, 2009

BETHLEHEM - A compilation of hits and a few misses from yesterday's morning session:

* You can tell the team is ready to leave Lehigh - for the second day in a row, the morning session was less than crisp. Donovan McNabb tried to liven things up by mugging for the crowd, leading cheers and playing air guitar on the sideline. Fans were given schedule refrigerator magnets on Fan Appreciation Day.

* The field goal unit went through its bag of trickery. Took holder Sav Rocca a couple of tries to complete the fake-FG pass to Juqua Parker. No, Sav didn't try to wing the ball sidearm like a boomerang or anything. David Akers also took the snap on a 50-yard-plus field goal setup and tried to punt to the goal line, but the ball rolled into the end zone. Akers later said not having sideline markers made him guess wrong as to where he needed to drop the ball.

* Welcome to the NFL, Matt Nagy. The coaching intern turned emergency quarterback had a goal-line pass tipped, then picked off by Jack Ikegwuonu.

* In seven-on-seven action, McNabb threaded a nice laser to Kevin Curtis, vs. Joselio Hanson.

* DeSean Jackson went high and wide to flag down a sideline grab, falling inbounds.

* A blitz left Brent Celek uncovered over the middle, and McNabb hit him.

* About 20 minutes after Hank Baskett left the field clutching his right knee, A.J. Feeley seemed to get tripped up by one of his linemen and fell awkwardly. Feeley got right back up, uninjured, forestalling the possible comeback of former Arena League QB Marty Mornhinweg.

- Les Bowen

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