Letters: What's really behind the Vick controversy

Posted: September 01, 2009

PLEASE allow this 55-year-old black American female, who's never been a professional sports fan, to comment on Michael Vick.

I don't mean to play the race card, but the Vick situation shows, again, how vividly America is divided by race. It seems that white Americans are more adamant about him not returning to the NFL than most black Americans.

Can I go one step further? It seems that many white Americans tend to love their pets more than their fellow countrymen, especially black ones. As a God-fearing Christian, I ain't never read in the Bible where Jesus instructed his disciples or his followers to love their pets more than their neighbors or themselves!

NEVER! For Christ's sake, forgive the man! Peace.

Pam Hairston, Washington, D.C.

There seems to be many cursed with "poor judgment" these days.

Now it's the Humane Society! I am seething with ire at this latest insult!

After many years of heartfelt contributions, I've let them know I won't give them one more red cent. Michael Vick? A "credible" spokesman? Give me a break! What's next? A convicted pedophile speaking on behalf of child welfare groups?

Patricia O'Brien, Huntingdon Valley

Only in America can you take the life of another human being (ex-Eagle Donte Stallworth), and it's "Oh, well, life goes on." But god forbid you take the life of a dog, and it's headline news, outrage, jail time. Only in America is a human life less than an animal's.

Michael O'Toole, Philadelphia

I understand, as does Michael Vick, what he's done wrong, and why he's served time in prison for the crime.

I truly understand why all you "animal lovers" are very upset about the crime he committed. What I don't understand is why the same animal lovers aren't raving on those who do the same crime in Philadelphia.

We have those same animal fights here in Philadelphia and not one time have I read that animal lovers went to the homes of those having the animal fights and have them arrested. Does the SPCA slaughter stray dogs and cats?

I used to live near where they once slaughtered horses for dog food on North 47th Street. In Hunting Park and Green Mount Cemetery, there have been incidents of animal sacrifice by those who killed goats as a part of their religious ceremony.

Vick didn't rape or kill anyone. He participated in dog activities and went to prison for it. Can we forgive him as we do all the others who have done us wrong?

Barbara Kelley, Philadelphia

Michael Vick is an admitted dogfighter.

He bred, trained, tortured and killed dogs. His crimes were sadistic, numerous and part of a lifestyle he participated in, provided manpower for, backed financially. It wasn't a singular case of bad judgment, it was a lifestyle he enjoyed and pursued. Other guys play golf. Vick tortures animals.

We love animals, and we love football. When Vick was signed, the wind was knocked out of us - literally.

Andy Reid's desperate quest for success at any cost has resulted in the most notorious professional athlete/felon joining the Eagles. Don't be fooled by the claims that the Eagles want to give Vick a second chance.

Reid and Lurie want to win a Super Bowl - and have hired the man they think can help them do it.

Forgiveness is not Reid's, the Eagles', the NFL's, Tony Dungy's or the public's to give. Vick will have to seek that in the next world. His apologies are empty and worthless. Serving time satisfied a legal debt - that's all.

The moral debt owed to society and the animals cannot be paid. Redemption cannot be earned on the gridiron.

Although devoted fans, we are giving up Eagles football while Vick is on the roster. We won't go to games, buy merchandise, lend support in any way.

While the Eagles claim to value character, they are unwilling or unable to demonstrate it. We are not. We stand against cruelty to animals and those who perpetrate it. Go, Giants, Patriots, Falcons and the other 23 teams who said no.

Debbie Sanville

West Chester

Many of the protesters against Michael Vick playing in the NFL are hypocrites.

The real reason they don't want Vick in the NFL is because they don't want to see a black man become successful and rich.

Many pro athletes hunt for sport. The protesters aren't nagging them, are they? Killing an innocent deer, moose, bear or wild bird is just as bad as what Vick was convicted of.

Compassion and forgiveness are for humans and animals. When an animal misbehaves, it is scolded and then forgiven. Vick is a human being who misbehaved and was scolded for his actions. Those hypocritical animal-rights activists will forgive an animal before they'll forgive a human being. How humane is that?

Anthony D. David, Bensalem

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