Letters: How to think about Vick & redemption

Posted: September 03, 2009

SOME THOUGHTS on the Michael Vick situation:

Growing up in North Philadelphia, my environment was one of drug use, abuse and open-air dealing, sexual promiscuity, gambling - survival of the fittest.

It wasn't until I started boxing at the 23rd District PAL and going traveling that I saw there was another world from the one I'd been exposed to. I made a conscious choice at 14 never to become a product of the environment I grew up in, a choice for a soul exchange. I saw death as the end result of my environment, not just physical but also moral.

No one could have predicted I would eventually earn a master's in education and teach in an urban area, or that I'd become a pastor of an outreach ministry.

We try to classify our sins, and I believe this sometimes makes us feel better. "I am not as bad as this person. I would never do that." But in reality, lying is the same as stealing, adultery the same as murder, there is no such thing as a little white lie.

If you've done any of these, you're in the same category as Vick, a person in need of redemption. No human can judge or predict the human heart, mind, will or emotions of another. The transformation takes place in an unseen area. But it's visible to others by the actions of that person.

We forgive crooked politicians, priests, athletes who abuse their spouses, but not crime against animals.

Is it not ironic that we've lost our value for human life in this 21st century world? We can step over a homeless person to feed a dog, turning up our noses at a fellow human being, saying subconsciously they must have done something to be in that state, not my responsibility.

Our government waited almost two days to help residents who sat on rooftops or clung to objects to keep from being swept away after Hurricane Katrina. But certain folks can come together in record time to organize a rescue and memorial for Katrina's pets.

Have we become so jaded that no one deserves a second, third or fourth chance? To lock someone up and throw away the key, is that the human perspective?

We too often forget to look in the mirror and see our own spots, blemishes, warts and zits. How about for the next 40 days we "pay it forward" and perform one random act of kindness toward another human being? What a wonderful world this would be for pets and people.

Darryl Walker, Chester Township

All this media attention given to Michael Vick has finally gotten to me.

Mr. Vick committed a crime, served his time and is trying to move on with his life. The media and the public will not allow him to do so. At the Linc, there are protesters with disparaging signs and the media is there to cover this circus like vultures.

l have a lovable Stratfordshire terrier, the apple of my eye. But I don't believe his life is worth more than the lives of my children. Dogfighting will always be a barbaric sport since it takes a life, but so does pigeon-shooting, hunting and fishing. But I don't see anyone protesting that.

Stephani L. St. Cyr, Philadelphia

Ghost voters

On the lighter side of paranormal investigating, Randy Plessor should investigate the city's polling places on Election Day. He'll see plenty of ghosts showing up to vote, or, as we say, they rise to the occasion, taking part in the electoral process!

Thomas G. Lutek, Philadelphia

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