Eagles fans send in new names for Wildcat

Posted: September 04, 2009

As expected, hundreds of Daily News readers sent e-mails yesterday with alternative names for the Eagles' "Wildcat" formation.

Among the most popular - "Screaming Eagle," "Talon," "Thunderbird," "Wild Bird," "Bird of Prey" and "Vicktory Formation."

Here are some others that caught our attention:

* Triple Threat, "because Vick can hand off, run or pass," Rashawn Prewitt, Glassboro

* VickNabb, Rob Dell'Elmo, Reading

* 3-D Offense, due to the "three dimensional" threat that Michael Vick presents, Fred Letterio, Philadelphia

* The Most Overblown Gadgetry Since Using A Midget in the World Series, Kerry Reinhart, Lehighton

* Vildcat, Bruce Middlebrook, Williamstown, N.J.

* The "Vick 6," Jim Landau, White Plains, N.Y.

* WildBACK formation, since Vick taking the snap is a true quarterBACK, Vic Patalano, Willow Grove

* The McVick formation, Joe Schrier, Bensalem

* Green Light, Jeffrey Wolford Jr., Frankford

* All-In Offense. Every play in the playbook can be run with Vick, McNabb, Westbrook, etc., so they are All-In, David Millili

* V-Gun, Finn Thompson, Bucks County

* Wild Claw Offense, Juan Lopez, Burlington Township, N.J.

* HaVick formation. "Sounds like havoc, hopefully like it will cause," Sam Brethwaite, Pine Beach, N.J.

* Vicky Shuffle, Curt Gallagher, Northeast Philadelphia

* The Vick n' Flick, Matt Wendelken, Wynnewood, Pa.

* The Hike2Mike, Vick and Roll or The Michael Cycle, Judah Rosenstein

* Birds Gone Wild, Jim Johnson, Phoenixville

* Spectrum Offense, Matt Reilly, Havertown

* Flea Vick-er, Joseph Maccolini, Norristown

* The Total Package (TTP) Offense, Loyd Rodgers, Philadelphia

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