Gonzo: Answers for the Birds

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb looks to throw to tight end Brent Celek as Saints cornerback Jabari Greer defends. Kolb will start again Sunday if Donovan McNabb remains unable to play.
Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb looks to throw to tight end Brent Celek as Saints cornerback Jabari Greer defends. Kolb will start again Sunday if Donovan McNabb remains unable to play.
Posted: September 23, 2009

While wondering how much heat Jeff Garcia took for criticizing the Wildcat, it's time to empty out the mailbag . . .

The biggest problem I see with the Kevin Kolb situation is this: Every young quarterback goes through growing pains. It is inevitable. However, a team with Super Bowl aspirations can't afford to let a young quarterback learn on the job. That's what [the Saints] game was - it would have gone completely different with Garcia under center (or Five, but that's immaterial at this point).

- Dave


I share your frustration, but Kolb wasn't the reason the Eagles lost to the Saints. He made some mind-

blowing mistakes (two of the three interceptions come to mind), but the Birds' defense and special teams were far worse.

That said, I would have gone with Garcia last week, and I'd go with him again this weekend if Donovan McNabb can't play against the Chiefs. I'll take experience over learning-on-the-job any day - except with respect to Page 2. We're all sort of winging it around here.

Hard to believe, I know.

- Gonzo

Saints 48, Eagles 22. Well, that doesn't speak too highly of Joe Banner's best roster in the NFL.

- Walt


No it doesn't. I saw Banner walking through the Eagles' locker room after the game. He was just sort of drifting.

That's how you know the Eagles had a really dreadful performance. Banner looked so down that this strange emotion washed over me. I think it was sympathy. Made me kind of nauseous, actually.

- Gonzo

The [fireworks] smoke cloud was so bad, most of the Saints' first drive was hidden on TV. The NFL should step in. This happens every game. I'm glad I'm not paying for a seat!

- Stu


Couldn't agree more - the NFL should absolutely step in. In the future, when the Eagles look as bad as they did against the Saints, I'd like the NFL to guarantee that the smoke lingers and completely clouds our view of the field for the entire game. We shouldn't be forced to watch something like that again. Even Johnny Yoo would call it torture.

- Gonzo

With respect to the rage over [Shawn] Andrews, I am reminded of a Kurt Vonnegut story. He was once asked by his publisher how the writing was going, and Vonnegut replied, "I hate writing."  The publisher responded that he never met a blacksmith in love with his anvil. I think the Andrews story taps into a widely held sense that no matter how talented or well-paid we are, pretty much everybody has days like Vonnegut when we hate what we do. But we get our butts out of bed and do it anyway.

- James


Vonnegut was a brilliant satirist and an incredible writer. If you haven't read Welcome to the Monkey House, be sure to check it out. It's a collection of Vonnegut's short stories, and it features some of his best prose.

One of the pieces in the book is titled "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow." It's not about Andrews, but it sounds like it could be.

- Gonzo

I was away, came home, looked for your column, and couldn't find it. Why? Because your head's straight. Man, now you're just another sports columnist. Go back to what it was, it was your trademark and it made you unique.

- E.J.


I'd like to believe my writing style, not my awful picture, is what makes me unique. When we added Ashley Fox to the page, we decided to un-tilt everyone's head. I had no control over that because I have no pull around here. If I did, we'd have regular pictures instead of head shots that double as the letter "O."

Which reminds me: Can you only work on Page 2 if you have an "O" in your name? If we hired a talented writer named Smith, does that mean he/she couldn't appear in this space?

Despite outward appearances, Page 2 is complicated stuff.

- Gonzo

"Point Break" is possibly the worst movie on the planet. If you really wanted to honor Patrick Swayze's passing, even "Road House" would have been a better choice.

 - Kristin


Worst movie on the planet? Blasphemer!

How can you hate a film that features a group of bank robbers called the Ex-Presidents? They literally steal from the American people. That's some high-minded, powerful sociopolitical commentary right there.

Also, they shoot stuff.

- Gonzo

Hi Mr. Gonzo. As a retired fish-wrapper myself, I know that feeling you had. But I think in this particular case, it's Bryant Gumbel's [brain] cells that may have died - not newspapers or sports writing. He is a world-class goober.

- Steve


I'm not sweating Bryant Gumbel or the HBO Real Sports package declaring the death of sportswriting. He can have his little TV show (and his millions). Who watches TV these days, anyway? I'm fairly certain it's a passing fad. Cave paintings are about to make a huge comeback in the entertainment business.

By the way, you can just call me John or Gonzo. Mr. Gonzo was my father.

- Gonzo Jr.

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