Double V is going with New York, New York

Posted: October 28, 2009

Double V's not gonna make too many friends in the Delaware Valley this week, because I'm looking at the Yankees over the Phillies in Game 1 . . . and the Series.

Much has been made of the Phils blasting CC Sabathia in the playoffs last year, but that was a dog-tired, worn down lefthander who had gone the last few weeks of the regular season on 3 days' rest. Coming into the game this evening, Sabathia will be on a full 7 days rest. And he's pitching for the Yankees this time, not the Brewers.

While I applaud Cliff Lee's work in the playoffs, it was against the Dodgers (who had never had a peek at him) and the Rockies (who had seen him once). New York has seen him plenty in the American League while he was with Cleveland. He had two starts against the Yanks this season. In New York, he allowed seven hits and one earned run in six innings, with four strikeouts and picked up a win. In Cleveland, he gave up nine hits and three earned in six innings with five Ks and took the loss. So, he's allowed 16 hits in 12 innings, which is not exactly stellar work.

I'll $80 to win $50 on the Yankees in the opener and $200 to win back $100 on them for the Series.

Series lines

TO WIN THE SERIES: Yankees -$200; Phillies +$170


Four Games: Yankees 5-2; Phillies 5-1

Five Games: Yankees 2-1; Phillies 3-1

Six Games: Yankees 3-2; Phillies 5-2

Seven Games: Yankees: 2-1; Phillies 3-1

WILL A GAME BE POSTPONED: Yes -$115; No -$115

WILL THERE BE A BLOWN SAVE: Yes +$500; No -$800


Alex Rodriguez 5-1

Ryan Howard 6-1

CC Sabathia 7-1

Derek Jeter 7-1

Mark Teixeira 8-1

Jimmy Rollins 10-1

Chase Utley 10-1

Cliff Lee 12-1

Robinson Cano 12-1

Shane Victorino 15-1

Johnny Damon 15-1

Raul Ibanez 15-1

Jorge Posada 15-1

Jayson Werth 15-1

Mariano Rivera 18-1

Brad Lidge 20-1

Melky Cabrera 20-1

Pedro Feliz 20-1

Nick Swisher 20-1

Carlos Ruiz 25-1

Field 8-1


Team To Hit Most: Yankees -$145; Phillies +$115

Park Where Most Will Be Hit: Yankee Stadium -$140; Citizens Bank Park +$110

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