Drivers at Philly Auto Show say they'd still buy a Toyota

Visitors at the Philadelphia Auto Show check out a Toyota Prius yesterday at the Convention Center.
Visitors at the Philadelphia Auto Show check out a Toyota Prius yesterday at the Convention Center.
Posted: February 04, 2010

Bill Greco, 54, still has faith in Toyota.

Despite the recent major recall of numerous models due to a sticking accelerator, Greco, of Wayne, said at yesterday's Auto Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center that he hopes to be driving a new Toyota Forerunner by March.

"Toyota has been so dependable for so many years," Greco said. "I feel bad for the people who have had problems but the fix is so easy."

His wife, Casey Clawson, 48, agreed. She recently purchased a 2007 Toyota hybrid, which was not recalled.

"Think of all the companies that went belly up," Clawson said. "To me that's more scary than the accelerator issue."

Many others at the auto show last night agreed that the recall wouldn't affect their opinion of the automaker and hoped it would be resolved quickly so as not to have a lasting effect on the company's reputation.

"It's definitely something that needs to be addressed and it seems like they have it narrowed down and are taking care of it," said Mike Allen, 47, of Reading.

"Toyota has a really great product."

In the market for a new car, Kristina Marsi, 35, of Gap, browsed offerings from different dealers and then sat behind the wheel of a white Camry. She said the recall wouldn't affect her purchase options, but things such as gas mileage would.

"I live in the middle of nowhere so gas mileage is important," Marsi said.

Calls last night to nearly a dozen Toyota dealerships in the area were frequently met by recordings reporting a "high volume of calls."

Ron DeLoach at Conicelli in Conshocken said gas-pedal repairs took only a half-hour and involved a replacement part that consists of a steel shim a couple of millimeters thick, to be inserted in the pedal assembly to stop potential friction that could cause the pedal to stick.

At Liberty Toyota in Burlington, Jennifer, who wouldn't give her last name, said that parts to complete the accelerator repair were to arrive soon.

She said the dealership had received "a lot of phone calls" about the recall.

"Most just wanted to make sure it was safe to drive," she said. "There were very few angry people."

Staff writer Gloria Campisi contributed to this report.

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