Letters: Would Philadelphia citizens spare some change for City Hall?

Posted: June 28, 2010

NOT LONG ago, I was shopping in New Jersey at a chain store, and my item was $19.98. The clerk asked me if I wanted to donate my 2 cents change to a charity in New Jersey, and I said yes.

She proceeded to key in the donation that was set up in the register, and it was forwarded to the charity.

The mayor and Council need to adopt that system for the city so they would not have to keep digging in our pockets to bail them out. Most items are not rounded out to the dollar. The way people like to shop in Philly, those one or two pennies will add up tremendously.

Everyone can see that working people, retirees and those who lost their jobs are feeling the effect of the increases in utility bills, property-tax increases, cutbacks and the cost of living. It's a shame because those who laid the foundation for this city can't make it in today's society. Everyone else gets to live and eat free. They get clothing allowances and their children go to college for free while we have to take out loans for our children or work two jobs - if we can find one.

Before Council members go on vacation, I wish they'd look into this system and put the question on the ballot in November. I'd be the first one to vote for it. I'm still waiting my raise.

Josephine Wilson, Philadelphia

Try 'oil explosion'

Re Madeleine Dean's recent op-ed: I agree that the term "BP oil spill" is at best weak. My suggestion is that we use the phrase "BP oil explosion" to designate this cataclysmic catastrophe that BP is solely responsible for.

They're the ones who drilled this well and skimped on safety precautions. The fact that our government allowed them to do this does not mitigate that responsibility. Let them try to spin the phrase "oil explosion" into something that sounds like dropping a bottle of milk on the floor.

Joe Orenstein, Philadelphia

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