Letters: Phillies old-timer Moyer is still going places

Posted: July 15, 2010

THANKS TO Bill Conlin for a great article about the Phillies' Jamie Moyer. His 260-plus wins and 4,000 innings pitched speak for themselves, as does the quality of his character.

When you take into account his age and that he's spent so much of his career in hitter-friendly ballparks, I believe he is definitely a future Hall of Famer. He does need to pitch more than 700 more complete games to tie Cy Young's mark of 749, but who's counting?

Tom O'Neill, Philadelphia

Sex ed is always good

The state legislature has disappointed me on sex education. Education is never wrong. Sex-ed is natural. Only religious fanatics are afraid of it. That's wrong.

Jeloni Nicoli, Salem, N.J.

Cops on Aramingo traffic duty

Mayor Nutter, I think I can save the city a few dollars, since we need to cut back: Why are we putting police officers at the intersections of Aramingo Avenue all day long? Don't we already have signs saying no northbound traffic is allowed while construction is in effect?

Wouldn't these officers be more useful checking on the crime in the area? Weren't there two murders in the Port Richmond area in the last few weeks? Mr. Mayor, it's just common sense.

Joe Hamilton


Tragedy deserves privacy

Re the op-ed by Marie-Theres DiFillippo ("If It Can Happen to Gina . . ."):

I'm the father of Gina Schickling, who was referenced in this piece and whose photo was used. The article was self-serving and had no business being published, especially on the day of Gina's funeral.

Your newspaper already exploited Gina last week by making this horrific crime front-page news. Your news report, after I requested that we be left alone and our privacy respected, used hearsay and incorrect facts.

I don't understand how anyone could allow these pieces to be published.

Tom Schickling, Philadelphia