Lone Wolverines

Posted: July 15, 2010

A DAY AFTER Lloyd Carr retired as associate athletic director, Michigan announced that director of football operations Brad Labadie has stepped down.

Wolverines athletic director Dave Brandon says Labadie's decision was family-related and not related to an ongoing NCAA investigation.

Labadie was one of seven people reprimanded by the school for having a role in what the NCAA has called "major" violations. A hearing is planned for Aug. 13.

In other Michigan news, officials announced that the refurnished Big House will once again have the largest capacity (109,901) in the country. Until they get some stability in that program - and maybe beat Ohio State once in a while - wonder how many of those 109,901 seats might actually have fannies in them?

Pittsburgh rare

In an All-Star break report, Associated Press writer Alan Robinson's first paragraph about the Pirates season went like this:

The most attention the Pittsburgh Pirates received nationally during the first half of the season - other than striking out 14 times in Stephen Strasburg's debut - was when they fired one of their racing mascots for criticizing management.

We'll spare you the gory details of the rest of Robinson's observations except his note that the Pirates are on pace to lose 107 games.

Wait'll year 2150

It was 3 years ago today that the Phillies lost their 10,000th game. Since July 15, 2007, the Fightins are 275-207, have won two National League championships, a World Series and are no longer a punch line.

When they lost No. 10K, the franchise's regular-season winning percentage was .468 (8,810-10,000). Ever since, it is .571. If they keep that pace, loss No. 20,000 won't come for another 140 or so years.

We mocked 'em when they lost 10,000, so we gotta salute 'em when they turn things around.

Now, about Cliff Lee . . . *

- Ed Barkowitz

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