Gonzo: All Vick all the time can't be good

Quite frankly, Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb, or even LeSean McCoy (left) should be the talk of the town - not Michael Vick (right), who isn't worth the headache or drama.
Quite frankly, Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb, or even LeSean McCoy (left) should be the talk of the town - not Michael Vick (right), who isn't worth the headache or drama.
Posted: July 16, 2010

While wondering when we last emptied out the bloated Page 2 mailbag, it's time to empty out the bloated Page 2 mailbag . . .

This should be a no-brainer for the Eagles. New QB, young and gifted offense - we do not need [Michael] Vick and all the attached distractions.

 - Nevin


I'd like to hear Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, Andy Reid and Howie Roseman come forward and explain a lot of things, among them what it is they think they're getting in exchange for paying Vick's salary. Off the field, the team has absorbed plenty of negative publicity since signing him. On the field, Vick was a nonfactor last year.

The Birds just traded the face of the organization for the last 11 years to the Redskins. They did that to give Kevin Kolb a chance to play and to move the franchise forward. Unless Kolb gets injured or performs so woefully that it makes the team and its fans pine for the days of Doug Pederson, the Hog Hunter will be the starter this year. That means the only way Vick sees extended time at quarterback is if something goes so wrong with Kolb that the season is probably lost anyway.

In a year when Kolb and a lot of other factors have to work out for the Eagles to be successful, the backup QB isn't worth the headache or drama. Or at least he shouldn't be. Until the Birds brass comes forward to talk, we won't know why they think it makes sense to keep Vick around.

- Gonzo

Stop feeding into peer pressure and get off Vick's back. Really? Asking for permission to celebrate life and your birthday? Did you ask your boss if you could [do that]?

- Kimberly


You're right. I didn't ask my boss for permission to have my birthday party. Nor did he inquire about my plans. That might be because no one on the Inquirer's sports staff, to my knowledge, is a convicted felon who throws "white parties" open to the public (as long as they pay $50) where gunfire rings out after the cake is served.

For the record, the Inky staff always makes sure the gunplay goes down before the cake is cut.

- Gonzo

This need for a news conference is an example of hubris on a grand scale. I don't need a news conference; maybe it will make your job easier, but recent statements from the D.A. and Va. Beach authorities are all I need.

- Michael


Which statements? The one where the police said they can't proceed or file charges because the victim and witnesses have been uncooperative? The one where the prosecutor down there said Vick was involved in an "altercation" at the party but failed to elaborate? The one where the Birds said they were provided with "very detailed" information about what happened that night but then failed to share what they know with the rest of us? Or the one that explained how Vick's federal probation officer restricted Vick's travel while he looks into whether the quarterback and dogfighting crew member violated his probation that night? I'm confused. So many questions, so few answers.

A news conference might clear some of that up.

- Gonzo

Shane Victorino is on thin ice with his comments on Philly fans (who have been relatively patient given the way this team has played this year). And also, why doesn't he give that goofy, childish cream-pie-in-the-face

-after-a-win trick a rest?

- BB


The last series against the Reds was encouraging, but you're right about Victorino's timing being off. When he chastised the fans for booing, the team had just dropped another game to the Braves and had yet to produce all those dramatic wins against Cincinnati.

I sort of like the pie-in-the-face bit, though. That's good baseball fun. I'd like Victorino to bring back the hotfoot and maybe the gum-on-the-hat gag, too. Entertain us, don't berate us. It's better for everyone that way.

- Gonzo

You're killing me with your bike-lane hating. I'm assuming you live on Spruce or Pine? You should be happy that they installed the lanes. The bicycles act as a traffic-calming device. (Like Reid slowing down the Eagles progression toward a Super Bowl. In fact, maybe the lanes should be named after [him].)

- Rick


The bike lanes may work as a "traffic-calming device," but they also serve as a resident-angering device - mainly because only a percentage of bikers in the city actually use the special lanes. The rest of the bikers still blow through lights in regular car lanes and/or terrorize pedestrians when they zip past on the sidewalks. It's not natural to cede so much land to the bikes and their masters. This isn't Holland. If it was, we'd all be wearing orange and wooden shoes and mourning the Dutch defeat in the World Cup at the hands of the dastardly Spaniards. But it isn't Holland. It's America, and your lack of patriotism troubles me.

I do, however, like the idea of naming the bike lanes after Reid. It would be fitting. Both frustrate me, and there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it.

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