Eagles show their fan appreciation

Posted: July 22, 2010

FLAMES BLAZED FROM Mike Carter's home, but it didn't stop him from running inside to save his prized possession. Leaving his

fiancées' engagement ring to be blackened, Carter returned from the burning house with his Eagles season-ticket package, an act of fanhood the Eagles could not overlook when selecting him to be on the cover of their season-ticket packet.

The backs of the tickets tell their stories, such as Carter's dash through black smoke or Mark Esposito Jr.'s dedication to attending games despite being blind.

Photos of 10 die-hard season-ticketholders are featured on home tickets, part of the new fan-oriented marketing pitch. A news conference is set for today at 3 p.m. at the NovaCare Complex.

"Obviously we have the players, but the stars that never change year in and year out are the fans," said Tim McDermott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Eagles. "They're really the centerpiece of who the Eagles are. I felt the fans are the ones that really own the team, and it's our responsibility to manage a public trust."

And the Eagles want to hear from you. Fans soon will be able to fill out applications to be selected for a 30-person advisory committee, which will meet once a month with members of the Eagles' marketing brain trust.

"It's also something not to be taken lightly," McDermott said. "It provides everyone a chance to hear directly from the fans on different items that may come up. It helps us have a sounding board."

Also on tap: a new 12-issue digital magazine, filled with video, audio and polls. At Lincoln Financial Field, halftime will feature an in-studio show hosted by Hugh Douglas and Don Tollefson, who will review the first half and scores around the league and give keys to the second half.

Likewise, four new TV shows will debut this fall. "Eagles Confidential" takes a look at players and coaches inside the NovaCare Complex. "The Player's Show" delves into the lives of the players - their homes, cars and charities. "Tony Luke's Eagle Mania" is an offbeat, "Saturday Night Live"-style program, and "Fandemonium" highlights the passion of Philadelphia's fans.

- Nate Mink

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