Gonzo: Eagles fail on Vick, Phils bail on Milt

Is he really on a roll? Eagles QB Michael Vick works out on an excerise ball during training camp at Lehigh University.
Is he really on a roll? Eagles QB Michael Vick works out on an excerise ball during training camp at Lehigh University.
Posted: July 28, 2010

While wondering how the Eagles think their "agent for social change" is doing, it's time to empty out the mailbag:

About [Michael] Vick: I don't understand why the NFL seems so intent on keeping him in the league. A crime was committed, people know who did it, and neither the police nor the league are interested in taking it further. Can't witnesses be forced to cooperate? 

- Al


Apparently witnesses can't be forced to cooperate. More vexing: neither can quarterbacks "on thin ice," even if they admit it's their "last chance."

At training camp the other day, Vick said he learned of the shooting "15 or 20 minutes" after it happened. Impressive he found out so quickly. The guy should be a reporter. But when asked who told him, he said it didn't matter. Of course it matters - particularly if that person witnessed the crime.

I asked Vick about that, too - if the person who informed him Quanis Phillips had reportedly been shot saw it all go down. Vick didn't answer.

The Eagles said they have information that explains why they've kept Vick around, information that's different than what has been reported about the Virginia Beach shooting. They need to share. Until they do, it will be hard for some people - including me - to understand how a guy who they promised would be a "role model," a guy they assured us wouldn't be a "disruption," is still on the team after exhibiting impossibly bad judgment by throwing a party that led to gunfire.

 - Gonzo


I am pretty sure "He's a very nice person" is from an early, unreleased version of Rick James '80s classic "Superfreak." James changed the lyrics to "She's a very kinky girl" and the rest is history. BTW, loved how in "The Deciders" series Reid marveled at Vick's running ability. Yep, a rare skill set in a QB, haven't seen that combination since . . . a young Donovan.

 - Doug


The difference is that, in the Rick James song, he promises that the woman will "never let your spirits down, once you get her off the streets." Can't really say the same for Vick.

- Gonzo

I don't care about this party or the shooting. I don't care if Andy cares. We all know that pro athletes often make the worst role models. Many come from unstable backgrounds, they were coddled their entire adolescence, they are handed enormous wealth they aren't ready to handle and they often make terrible citizens.

What I care about is this: Can he competently back up Kevin Kolb? That is the only question I care about regarding this person and it seems to be the last thing about which anyone in the sports media writes. Why do we continue to beat the off-the-field story into the ground?

- Joe


We can move on and talk about football when the Eagles and Vick finally answer the questions that remain unclear. They brought Vick in. They positioned him as a role model. They said he wouldn't be a disruption. They promised they'd employ a zero-tolerance policy and that he wouldn't get another chance. It's on them and Vick that we're not talking football. They're the ones who opened this door and invited everyone in.

- Gonzo

I'm looking forward to Greg Gross teaching the team how to hit bloop doubles over the third baseman's head. Also, he may get more players to hit wearing wire-rimmed glasses, which should be good.

- Tony P


Firing Milt Thompson has obviously energized this team since it was such a dramatic and important move. Despite the fact that Milt seemed like a good guy, despite the fact that he doesn't hit or pitch, run or catch, throw or take the field, he was clearly an anchor weighing down the team's championship hopes. We can plan the parade now. No trades necessary.

- Gonzo

It's so hot, even the Mets have fans.

- FM


Love it. Meech from TheFightins.com told me another good Mets joke the other day: How many Mets does it take to do the laundry? Just one - unless folding is involved.

 - Gonzo

I think a history lesson is in order. I would have hoped that before pontificating, you would have done some research. Shrinking the NBA may not be a bad idea; but picking on Minneapolis is.  Without Minneapolis, there might not be an NBA and there certainly wouldn't be a Lakers team for Kobe. Those of us who preceded you at La Salle can remember when the NBA had only eight teams and played doubleheaders. One of those teams was the Minneapolis Lakers.

- Joseph


Then, as history taught us, they moved the Lakers to L.A. - where there aren't any lakes but where there are people who pay attention and come out of their houses long enough to watch hoops. Possibly because they aren't worried about hypothermia.

Stay warm.

- Gonzo

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