Steve and Mia: The bag in the laundry room

Posted: July 30, 2010

Q: Recently, by chance, I discovered a cloth handbag lying on the laundry-room floor behind a chest of drawers. The bag contained the following items: a skimpy top that had plastic (I guess) push-ups in the bra, a skimpy pair of silk trunks, a small towel, a biobag (dog poop cleanup bag and we don't have a dog) and a pair of socks belonging to my wife of 35 years. Also, she has been rude to me a lot lately and almost never has anything to say about what she does with her time, other than work, when she is not around. I haven't let her know I discovered these items yet. My imagination has run wild. Am I overreacting? I have never seen her dress in anything like this.


You're a cotton briefs guy? I ask because I'm assuming the skimpy silk trunks belong to some other dude.

If that's the case, then you have every right to be alarmed. You have to talk with your wife and find out whose boxers she's been toting around with her.

Try to do it in a nonconfrontational way, so

she'll open up. If that doesn't work, get counseling. I wish you luck!

Steve: I'm sure your wife has a perfectly logical explanation for why you found a push-up bra and some guy's silk boxers in the basement.

Try not to lose your temper when she explains it to you.

Q: I've been dating a divorced guy I met online for the last six months. He takes me on nice dates and I've met his child, but things haven't progressed physically - meaning he hasn't kissed me yet. I'm not getting any younger, and I'm ready for things to go to the next level. I'm thinking about dumping him. Six months does seem like a long time.


Most men put their hands on a woman within six minutes. There could be a couple of things going on here.

Maybe he wants friendship and not romance, although it's odd he never brought that up. It's well past time to find out what he's looking for and whether you're interested.

Mia: Maybe he just wants to be friends - or else he's not into locking lips. There's one way to find out for sure.

Lean in and go for the old smoocheroo. If he recoils, you'll know he's just not that into you, as the saying goes. Whatever his issue is, it's time to find out. You've waited long enough.

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