City expands recycling list

Posted: August 06, 2010

Philadelphia's residential recycling program expanded this week to include plastic containers with any number in the little recycling triangle on the bottom.

Previously, the city picked up plastics only with the numerals 1 (such as soda bottles) and 2 (milk jugs, shampoo).

Examples of items in the new categories are:

3: Rigid plastic containers and juice bottles.

4: Plastic tubs and lids from butter, margarine, or similar products.

5: Yogurt containers and deli trays.

6: Plastic cups, plates, and takeout containers.

7: Many mixed plastic containers and some plastic products.

The numbering system only goes through 7. (The city will not recycle plastic bags, PVC, or styrofoam.) As in the past, all items can be placed in one recycling bin, in which is known as "single stream."

For more details about the program, including rewards for participating, go to or call 215-685-7329.

- Sandy Bauers

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