No quick hook expected for Kolb

Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has been reduced to watching from the dugout since June 28, when he tore a ligament in his right thumb in a game against the Reds. Although he should be well rested when he returns, he also might be a little rusty.
Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has been reduced to watching from the dugout since June 28, when he tore a ligament in his right thumb in a game against the Reds. Although he should be well rested when he returns, he also might be a little rusty.
Posted: August 06, 2010

The following is a partial transcript from Thursday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez.

Comment from Ernie: Will all these injuries to the Phillies prove to be a positive in late September and October with guys like Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard being able to be more rested and fresher for the playoffs?

Gonzo: I like that you're optimistic. I do. But I don't think there's anything positive about being injured. When they come back, they'll have to knock off some of the rust. And there's no guarantee that they'll all feel fully healthy. If you asked them, I'm guessing they would have rather stayed in the lineup.

Comment from Guest: Do you think it'll be a quick pull of the plug with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick be the starter if [Kolb's] starting poor in the preseason?

Gonzo: They didn't trade Donovan McNabb, the face of the franchise for more than a decade, to give Kolb a quick hook. And even if Kolb doesn't play well or gets injured, what makes you think Vick can come in and play well? What has he shown here, or over his career, to make you think he can run the offense effectively? Remember, the Wildcat offense is best when the quarterback is accurate. That was one of the major knocks on McNabb. Vick is even worse. He's completed about 53 percent of his passes over his career. That's dreadful.

Comment from Guest: Do you expect an 18-game season to happen in the next couple years in the NFL?

Gonzo: Sounds like it. I was up at camp - training camp, not math/nerd camp - and the Commish made it sound like the fans want it desperately and it's inevitable. I'd be shocked if it doesn't happen.

Comment from Eric: How concerned about the Eagles' secondary situation should I be this year? I think it will be a real weakness for them.

Gonzo: Very. Sheldon Brown was the only corner who made any tackles last year. Ellis Hobbs hardly played last season. And they're relying on Nate Allen, a rookie, to step in and play well. That's troublesome. It doesn't mean the secondary can't do good things. It simply means there should be some concern.

Comment from Gerrald Ung: Gun to your head-do the Phils overtake the Braves?

Gonzo: Ah, the gun-to-the-head scenario. Luckily, I'm prepared after growing up in Media, which we all know is a super tough 'hood.

Yeah, they'll get past the Braves.

Comment from Mark: How many wins for the Eagles? Vegas says 8 or 9.

Gonzo: Seems about right to me. I have them at 9-7. Wouldn't surprise me, though, if they're 7-9 or 10-6. Could be anywhere in that range.

Comment from Pete Cilento: Any cures for multiple personality disorder? Some days I feel like an angry guy. Other days a rich guy. I can't make up my mind. Help me, Gonzo, you're my only hope.

Gonzo: If I'm your only hope, you're in a lot of trouble. But I'm with you. Some days - like when Mike Vick, Andy Reid, and Jeff Lurie won't tell us what we want to know - I'm angry. Other days, usually when Donovan McNabb says something about the fans (like when he said we're spoiled), I'm in more of a laughing mood. I find the one constant that helps is beer. Always keep a six-pack behind glass. In case of emergencies, break it and drink.

Comment from Crane Kick: Gonzo, whose house do I have to flash mob to get back the kelly green uniforms? And don't say Roger Ruzek.

Gonzo: I love those uniforms. The Birds should scrap the midnight green. They were cool for a time and they served a purpose and represent that era, but it's the perfect time to bring back the kelly green for good.

Re: Flashing. Joe Banner. I think he'll dig it. Send him Page 2's regards.

Comment from Jeff Lurie: Jerry Jones may have been on Entourage but I was in a movie - The Garbage-Picking Field Goal-Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. Who do you think is the better actor?

Gonzo: I've said time and again, Jeffy, that you look like a Bond villain. If they ever bring back the Ernst Blofeld character you can quit the football business and finally make the big Hollywood score you always wanted. All you need is a cat.

Comment from d: Two questions: I hear a lot of comments from fans saying 11-5 and 10-6. Seriously? Who has the best chance out of the teams? Flyers? Eagles? Phillies? (I know better than to say Sixers.)

Gonzo: Better chance to do what? Win it all? Phils, then Flyers, then Birds. The Birds are a really young team. But that's why I think the measure of success is different this year. If they win, say, 10 games or make the playoffs, that would be a hell of a season for this bunch. And it would portend big things for the future.

Comment from Matt: Gun to your head in Media? I didn't think Media was tough

Gonzo: Oh yeah. I have "Everybody's Hometown" tattooed across my stomach.

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