Tattle: Parents group tired of the (bleep) Shatner show

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Posted: August 10, 2010

THE PARENTS Television Council last week sent letters to 340 companies that advertise frequently on TV, urging them to stay away from the new William Shatner sitcom, "(Bleep) My Dad Says" unless the show's name is changed. The group argues that the title is indecent.

What the (bleep)? That's the whole point of substituting the actual word with the bleep.

It's bad enough that these self-proclaimed censors want to wipe TV clear of any language or images that don't comply with their 1950s view of the world, but even when language is deleted, it's not good enough.

These are the type of folks who take the alcohol out of beer and then rail against nonalcoholic beer because it's . . . alcoholic.

But let PTC president Tim Winter explain.

"Parents really do care about profanity when their kids are watching TV," he said, because if he said they didn't he'd be out of a job. "All parents? No, but something like 80 or 90 percent of parents. Putting an expletive in the title of a show is crossing new territory, and we can't allow that to happen on our watch."

But there is no expletive in the title, Tim. They bleeped it.

Winter's letter to companies asks bluntly: "When you advertise on television, do you want your customers to associate your product with [bleep]?"

Except his letter uses the actual expletive, not the "bleep." In fact, he uses the expletive 10 times in two pages.

What a potty mouth. He needs to wash that mouth out with Procter & Gamble soap.

Suppose some CEO brings your letter home, Mr. Winter, and accidentally leaves it on his/her coffee table, where a small child might read it and be exposed to such filthy language?

How will you feel then?

Maybe those CEOs will start writing you letters to clean up your act?

Besides your 80 percent figure is wrong; most people are over your language bugaboo.

According to Rasmussen Reports pollsters, only 9 percent of Americans polled believe profanity is the biggest problem on TV.

And top CBS entertainment

exec Nina Tassler said the network hasn't gotten any push-back from anyone . . . but the PTC,

although complaints have "created a lot of buzz" about the series.

Sometimes we wonder if the networks created the PTC for free publicity.

As for Shatner, he wishes the title used the real word.

"I've got grandchildren," he said. "I brought up three girls. They've all got kids. OK? And you say, 'Boopy-doo-doo, you've got to make poo-poo. Come on. Make poo-poo in the toilet.' Eventually, poo-poo becomes [bleep]. 'Go take a [bleep], you'll feel better.' You say that to your kids. The word [bleep] is around us. It isn't a terrible term. It's a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?"

Oh, goodness, he said pussy.

Another Gibson heard from

The bad apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Mel Gibson may have a problem with hate and anger, but it's easy to see where he gets it from.

In separate interviews, Mel's dad, Hutton Gibson, told the Liberty News radio show "Political Cesspool" and RadarOnline.com that the Holocaust could not have happened because half the Vatican was gay and Pope Benedict was a homosexual and "a slippery character."

"The Vatican is full of all these child molesters and that is all there is to it," Hutton said.

Hutton, who considers himself an ultra-devout Catholic, added that the pope was also involved in a Masonic conspiracy that was aiming to destroy the Catholic Church from within.

With parishioners like Hutton, you really don't need enemies.


* Van Halen is prepping a new

album and a tour.

Billboard.com cited a recent statement from publisher Warner/Chappell and Eddie and Alex Van Halen that said the band "is currently in the studio recording an album with [David Lee] Roth" due for release in 2011.

Meanwhile, Irving Azoff, who is Van Halen's manager and Live Nation Entertainment's executive chairman (no conflict there?), says the band is expected to tour next year-good news for the ailing concert biz.

* Los Angeles Superior Court

Commissioner David A. Cowan yesterday ordered Jason R. Peyton to stay away from Jennifer Aniston and refrain from contacting her for three years.

Peyton had traveled across the country to meet Jen but she did not view him as a keeper.

The filings say Peyton was found with duct tape, a sharp object and love letters to Aniston. He has not been arrested or charged in connection with the incident.

* Rod Stewart, 65, and his wife,

Penny Lancaster, 39, are expecting their second child.

"We were thrilled and delighted to be able to tell Alastair that he was going to be the big brother to a little baby, expected just before Mummy's 40th birthday," the couple said yesterday.

Stewart has five children from previous relationships - Kimberly (30), Sean (29), Ruby (23), Renee (18) and Liam (15).

* TMZ.com reports that Portia

de Rossi wants to become Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

The lithe actress and spouse of Ellen DeGeneres filed a petition in L.A. to legally change her name to that of "her spouse."

Portia and Ellen were married two years ago.

* Gabi Gregg is MTV's first

"Twitter Jockey."

Gregg, 23, won the job Sunday night, after a nationwide vote.

She founded the fashion blog Young, Fat and Fabulous, and graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008. There she studied international relations and African-American studies, and

we're sure her profs are very proud she's now going to be writing 140-character Tweets about the whereabouts of Snooki.

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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