Eagles cheerleader trampolines for Maxim

Eagles cheerleader Ivelisse Rivera is featured in the September issue of Maxim magazine.
Eagles cheerleader Ivelisse Rivera is featured in the September issue of Maxim magazine. (Peter Mucha)
Posted: August 10, 2010

Not players. Not coaches. Not fans.

Under "NFL KICKOFF!" the cover of Maxim magazine gives top billing to "CHEERLEADERS ON TRAMPOLINES."

Featured in photos are only four airborne dancers - and one is from the Eagles.

She's Ivelisse Rivera, 22, dental assistant, Hammonton High grad, Atlantic County resident, and three-year veteran of the Bird's sideline squad.

Two years ago, another Eagles enthusiaser, Janelle Stangl, appeared in Maxim, sporting little more than an Eagles towel.

In the September issue, officially on newsstands today, a pom-pom-waving Rivera leaps in a green and black bikini.

There was a trampoline, she said, but it didn't make the layout, which also features the Miami Dolphins' Ashton, the Washington Redkins Tracey with a megaphone, and an upside-down Nina of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Maxim also poses leading questions to the cheerleaders.

"You must have a pretty strong stomach to be able to dig in people's mouths," the mag mentions to Rivera.

"Nothing skeeves me out," she responds. "I see a lot of gross stuff in oral surgery, like a cyst being cut out of someone's mouth. The weirdest thing, though, is seeing dentures. Old people just take them out and hand them to you."

Ivelisse (pronounced EE-vel-ees) was born in North Jersey to parents from Puerto Rico - her favorite vacation spot. "There is nothing better than being in a tropical island with all of your family," she said on the Eagles website.

She told Maxim she likes guys in uniforms, that being "really perky" helps her calm nervous patients down, and that "I'm not really a girly girl. I never wear makeup - just ChapStick and eyeliner."

"How can a guy get a girl to don a cheerleader uniform in the sack?" Maxim asks.

"Compliment her body," she says. "Tell her she's beautiful. All that positive stuff will make her feel comfortable and good about herself. And then pick out the uniform you want to see her in."

She told us she's dating a senior running back from Southern Illinois University, but hopes he doesn't get drafted by the Eagles, because cheerleaders can't date home-team players.

"I definitely want to come back for a couple more years," she said.

She had no problem when fellow squad member Krystle Campbell skipped practice to spend time with her injured beau, Phillies slugger Ryan Howard.

"She's a great girl, and she works very hard," Rivera said.

As for the Maxim shoot, she said, "It was a huge deal. I was so excited to be in it. Never in a million years did I think I would get picked. It was a lot of fun. Something I'll never forget."

Two actual Eagles players - receiver DeSean Jackson and punter Saverio "Sav" Rocca - are briefly spotlighted in a football feature. Their pictures are smaller than Rivera's pom-poms. Another article, "The Ultimate Bracket Battle," has the 1978 Steelers eclipsing the 1985 Chicago Bears as the best NFL team ever.

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