Playoff ticket lottery is open to Phillies fans

Posted: September 03, 2010

Fans can now sign up for a chance to buy home playoff tickets from the Phillies.

The team has yet to clinch a spot, of course. After last night's 12-11 win in Colorado, the Phils have a two-game edge in the Wild Card race, while trailing the Atlanta Braves by two games for the Eastern Division crown. Twenty-eight games are left to play, including 16 at Citizens Bank Park. (Seats are still available for all but two home games, by the way, according to the Ticket Availability Guide at

Sign-ups started Wednesday for what the Phillies are calling a "Postseason Ticket Purchase Opportunity." It's basically an online-only lottery - not to win tickets, but the right to buy them.

No money is needed upfront, and names will stay in the running for each possible round. On Sept. 17, winners will be selected for the first round - the division series. The drawings for the championship series and the World Series will happen at later dates, which have not yet been announced.

Winners will be notified of game dates and times, but are not obligated to buy.

If a ticket is purchased, but the game isn't played, the price will be refunded.

The number of tickets available per game likely will depend on how many get gobbled by season-ticket holders and reserved by the club and league.

For more information, go to and click on "Tickets," then scroll way down to find a link to "Postseason Ticket Purchase Opportunity."

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