Gonzo: Baskett likely to catch on

Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett stretches to make a catch past defender Asante Samuel at training camp.
Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett stretches to make a catch past defender Asante Samuel at training camp.
Posted: September 03, 2010

Excerpts from Thursday's Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment from Jim: Hey Gonzo, is there anyone notable who will be left off the Eagles' 53-man roster? Will Hank Baskett (and therefore Kendra) make it?

Gonzo: Looks like the final wideout spot comes down to Baskett and Kelley Washington. Maybe the Birds will surprise us, but for the final slot I see Andy Reid taking the guy he's familiar with. That means Kendra won't have to worry about Hank sitting around the house in his boxers with nothing to do.

Comment from Dylan McKay: I bet the under for the Jets/Eagles game (O/U–34). Was that free money or was that free money?

Gonzo: Heard the Jets are bringing 36 or 37 players down and leaving everyone else home. And Mark Sanchez is supposed to call the plays. Total joke.

BTW, Dylan: Happy 9.02.10 day. I hope you and your sideburns celebrate with a few pops.

Comment from Mr. Met: We will not collapse this year! Just wait and see!

Gonzo: When are you doing your next skit with Conan O'Brien? That stuff is priceless.

Comment from vcon: If Vick sucks [against the Jets] do you think he's gone?

Gonzo: No. Remember, Andy thinks "Michael is a very nice guy."

Comment from Oddjob: Gonzo, you know how Jeff doesn't like to lose money on his investments. If Andy cuts Stacy Andrews, do you think he would help Jeff move his summer clothes from his palatial mansion in the Hamptons into storage? After all, Jeff was generous with his signing bonus.

Gonzo: Love when Oddjob checks in. Can't see them cutting Andrews - this year. They've given him quite a bit of money. I think he gets one more shot not to follow in his brother's footsteps and actually contribute to the team. I did just see a moving van in my neighborhood called Two Guys and a Truck. Maybe the Andrews brothers can do Two Unemployed Linemen and a Truck.

Comment from Chris: Is there any scarier team in the playoffs than the Phillies with their 1-2-3 punch at SP?

Gonzo: That's what I've been saying. If they make the postseason, and I believe they will, they'll be an awfully tough out whether they qualify via the wild card or by winning the division. Home-field advantage or not, what team would want to face Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels in a series?

Comment from Bobby Cox: How does it feel beneath us?

Gonzo: Don't think it matters much. ATL and PHL for the NLCS. (That's quite the alphabet soup.)

Comment from Phillie Phanatic: Hey Mr. Met, tell your wife I said hi.

Gonzo: Like I said, love the Mr. Met/Phanatic/Conan shtick.

Comment from Frank Lucas: Hey Gonzo, do you think that the Phillies will win their 3d World Series either this year or the next? Wouldn't you agree that Halladay, Oswalt, Sweeney, Ibanez, Brown, i.e., any Phillie that hasn't won a World Series ring, play their hearts out, when they make it to the playoffs?

Gonzo: If the Phils get in, I like their chances. Forget about playing harder. Ring or no ring, they all want a championship.

Say hello to Nicky Barnes for me, Frank. And you shouldn't have blown up that cop's car. Drew too much attention to your operation. Same with wearing the fur coat.

Comment from Chad Lewis: Yo Gonzo . . . $50 if you can predict within two weeks the exact date (may not be this year) of when Mike Kafka is named Eagles starting QB.

Gonzo: Awesome. The date will be . . . never. Send the check to me at the Inquirer Building: 400 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19130.

Comment from Andrew Carr: Not exactly a MENSA meeting in here is it?

Gonzo: That chat is on Friday.

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